Season 2 of “The Bachelorette Australia” featuring Georgia Love is down to the final four men and the final rose ceremony is right around the corner. Fans have picked their favorite guys and see some definitefrontrunners, but which two men make it to that last stage, and which bachelor will Georgia pick? There are plenty of theories floating around, and now some spoilers have seemingly emerged.

'Bachelorette Australia' teasers note that shockers are ahead

Georgia Love has chosen Lee Elliott, Matty Johnson, Jake Ellis, and Courtney Doberas her last four guys for Season 2 and “Bachelorette” spoilers tease that the next elimination will bring a shocker.

Based on all of the sleuthing at the Bach and Bachette Fans Forum, it sounds as if Courtney is eliminated after the hometown dates, leaving Lee, Matty, and Jake as Georgia's last three men standing.

While a fair number of fans seem to be thinking that Jake could be one to watch for that last rose, new “Bachelorette Australia” spoilers from New Idea indicate otherwise. They just revealed pictures showing Love with both Elliott and Johnson during the last dates filmed in Singapore, thus indicating that Georgia's final two men are Lee and Matty.

Which man snags the final rose in Season 2?

Will it be Matty or Lee who snags the fairy tale ending with Georgia? “The Bachelorette” spoilers haven't necessarily pinned down that big detail yet, but many fans seem to be excited as whichever guy isn't still with Love seems likely to be tapped as the next “Bachelor Australia” lead. Arguments can be made for each of the last two men standing to get that final rose, but the finale is right around the corner and it won't take much longer to find out for certain which man is chosen.

Fans seem to love both Matty Johnson and Lee Elliot, so Georgia Love does seem to have made great choices in whittling down her bachelor group to her final two. Some think that Matty seems to be the most obvious choice for Georgia's final rose pick, but others can easily make a case for seeing Lee land the girl in the end in Season 2. Are these "Bachelorette Australia" spoilers correct regarding Love's final two men?

Fans cannot wait to see how the rest of the season plays out and hope that Georgia is blissfully happy with whichever man she ultimately chose.

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