"Bachelor" Nick Viall was blindsided to see that one of the contestants on his season was a woman he not only knew, but slept with. A new report reveals that he was shocked to see her as one of the 25 women cast for his season. Never has "The Bachelor" franchise brought someone on the show who had a previous history with the lead unless they're from the franchise, which will happen as well for Nick.

Nick Viall recognized contestant as former fling

A source familiar with the situation tells Us Weekly that a woman Nick once attended a wedding with was cast on the show.

They also slept together, but Nick never called her again. It made for a very awkward encounter, but the insider said neither Nick nor the woman acknowledged their past. Nick Viall was allegedly quite upset about the whole thing and told producers that he didn't want a woman on their he knew because it was a waste to fill the position with someone he never hit it off.

One can only imagine the shock on Nick's face when he first realized a woman from his long ago past showed up on the show. Of all the ladies that ABC could choose for "The Bachelor," how did they wind up with one that had slept with Nick?

Of course, this is show business and it's well known that the producers will do whatever it takes to deliver great entertainment. "The Bachelor" is known for pushing boundaries and finding a way to make each season better than the last. If it means creating an unfavorable situation for the star and his cast, so be it. It's all about ratings.

Coincidence or calculated?

This could be a sheer coincidence, but it seems a little suspicious.

From a fan's point of view, it'll be quite interesting to see how it all goes down. Will the woman Nick Viall slept with be one of the first ones to be eliminated? If she sticks around for more than one episode, it'd be even more bizarre. There's the possibility this won't even be addressed on the air. The source mentioned that Nick recognized the woman when he met all of the contestants. He promptly approached producers and voiced his disapproval.

"The Bachelor" 2017 premieres on Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

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