Ariel Winter (18) talked about her relationship with herself, howhardit was growing up with a curvaceous body in Hollywood, and how she managed to stop the harassment of haters in social networks. The teen actress became famous at the age of 11 thanks to her work on "Modern Family," where she plays the role of Alex Dunphy, a smart and mature girl. At age 12, Winter was a girl with a voluptuous body, and the press began to call her fat. She wanted to be thinner too, like others. Fortunately, she found a great friend in Sofia Vergara, who advised her to love her body as it is.

A new attitude

The "Modern Family" star began tolove her curvesand brag about it. She understood that a famous person is always going to be criticized for anything. The best she could do for herself was simply to devote herself to being happy and doing what she wants. Winterstopped readingthe offensive comments about her on social media. That decision made her feel free of the opinions of others who harmed her in the past. The teen actress today is a strong advocate of diversity of bodies in Hollywood.

She is not alone in ths struggle: Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashian sisters support her.

Loving her body

Ariel Winter was inspired by Sofia Vergara to love her body and now she is an inspiration for young ladies, who feel insecure with their body due to the pressure of the media that says that only skinnywomen are beautiful. The teen actress understands what it feels like to be pressured to lose weight to please others.

That's not healthy for anyone and Winter wants to expand the ideals of beauty, so that women feel beautiful as they are and value themselves, while considering their inner beauty.

The teen actress likes to look pretty and works outevery day with Kardashian personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. Thanks to that, the teen celebrity looks toned and fibrous, without losing her curves. In January this year, she had breast reduction surgery to make her body look more harmonious.

Besides she does not want to play only sexy roles in Hollywood.

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