Days Of Our Lives fans have known the name Arianne Zucker for years, but many non-soap fans recently learned her name thanks to the explosive videotape that emerged of Donald Trump and Billy Bush's. Trump was caught on tape talking in lewd and crude ways about women and he happened to be with Bush on the way to the “DOOL” set to tape a cameo for the show. The two men also talked about Zucker as she arrived to meet with them and now she's speaking out about the incident.

Zucker shares her reaction to hearing the Trump and Bush tape

Arianne Zucker was initially quiet as the explosive Donald Trump and Billy Bush tape generated headlines and then she shared a brief written statement.

Now the “Days of Our Lives” actress did an interview with the “Today” show and said that “with that type of personality” she wasn't all that shocked to hear what was said about her and about women on the recording. Zucker, who plays Nicole on “DOOL,” said that the comments on the tape are offensive “for women, period” and she can't quite believe she's ended up in the middle of it all.

The actress went on to say that given Trump's type of personality, the lewd comments about her on the tape initially released via the Washington Post ultimately don't mean that much to her. She said that she had perceived Bush to be nothing but professional when he came off the bus, and she doesn't know what kind of actions he felt he needed to do in that relationship with Donald on the bus in the course of his job.

Bush has been suspended from the “Today” show and the buzz is that he will not be returning.

Does the 'DOOL' star accept Donald's apology?

Zucker was asked if she accepts Trump's apology, which some would say wasn't all that much of a sincere apology. The Republican nominee for the presidential office brushed off the bus audio as “locker room talk,” and Arianne hesitated in answering whether she's accepted the apology.

She simply said that it was an interesting apology.

She added that she hopes to teach her 6-year-old daughter to hold her head high if she ever ends up in a position like mommy is in now. The “Days of Our Lives” actress added that she hopes her daughter might be able to use this to help young men know how not to act around women.

When asked if she's anxious for this situation to go away, she notes that she is ready to use it in a proper and positive way, to allow women to step forward and do good things.

Some might find it interesting to hear that Arianne Zucker has not heard from Donald Trump or his campaign directly. The “Days of Our Lives” actress certainly never asked for this kind of viral attention, but her fans would surely say that she has handled the shocking and difficult situation with grace and dignity.

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