Unless perched underneath a rock, you probably couldn't help but noticeJoe Manganiello's glorious nuptials last year. Or for that matter, the carved abdomen of the Adonis that is TeamTyson, a.k.a.Tyson Beckford. But, at closer inspection, did you notice both beauties are sporting the same Skull-design, pinky rings? Kindly shared with us through various social media images. But, beyond a rather fetching design, does this ring mean anything? Yes, actually it does.

The evidence is in their Instagrams

Recently, the chiseled duo became involved with an elite online community, known as theARXorg. Let's take a look at the evidence, Exhibit A, JoeManganiello is pictured before said wedding of the century, sporting his engagement ring and the Skull pinky-ring. Shortly after that, Mr.Beckford graced Instagram with his cheekbones, and that same ring. But wait, you don't know about theARXorg? Perhaps because it's venturing into Secret Society territory.

A tale of two rings

As the world watched the beautiful Sofia Vergara officially become one-half of the most attractive couple in the universe, there was a little extra sparkle for Instagram stalkers everywhere. A very expensive, diamond, encrusted Skull. Deathstroke, I mean Manganiello, posted; "Thanks to my man @ISteveHawthorne for my @theARXorg #elite100 Skull Ring!!"Needless to say, the post received almost 20-thousand likes in a matter of minutes, with many followers desperately coveting the accessory, "mia.schiffer94" commented; "OMG I want!" Presuming she was referring to the man jewelry, not the man, the conclusion?

TheARXorg is a radical movement that turned our Mighty Manganiello into a progressive, online fashion-pirate!! Well, not exactly.

Lords of the ring

In actuality, theARXorg was the brainchild of fashion icon Tyson Beckford and British entrepreneur Steve Hawthorne. An exclusive members-only club (of both men and women), with an elite group of 100 individuals (Celebrities, artists, athletes, and influencers), coming together to support causes, share business ideas, and of course, have a rollicking good time in the process.

As they would do, but with the new adage of "partying for a good cause." Hawthorne (of CartelArt, PD90Design, and the charity platform 'per-mission') admits theARXorg's elite100 appears to be a masons-like group, for the incredibly good looking. Though, its real aim is to help fund, promote, and create awareness through various idea labs, and of course, the social media reach of its members (over 2 million on Twitter alone). The premise is a simple one, "imagine what a group of influential, high-profile and financially strong individuals with a common goal, can do for social change?"The custom-made diamond and gold "Skull ring is the symbol of theARX" Hawthorne continues, "each numbered and geo-tagged with an individual code." So members can identify each other, should they cross paths in St.

Tropez. How very James Bond!

Membership is by invitation only

Prospective members go through a screening process and must pass a committee assessment, on their good character, net-worth, and business acumen. Beckford and Hawthorne, are part of the 3-man committee, which denies and approves all memberships. The full social media outreach of the elite100 is estimated at over 400 million, with the highest profile members being re-tweeted across various global verticals. Since it's inception, current elite100 members include; Joe Manganiello, Tyson Beckford, Jordi Molla, and soccer star Kevin Prince Boateng, to name a few.

Hawthorne and his creative community felt it was time for a more socially conscious and progressive take (all genders welcome!) to the world of luxe branding, private clubs, and the VIP lifestyle.

Of course, none of the members are harmful on the eye either. Which never hurts.

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