Angelina Jolie was too thin (her words) already but since filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, she's downright "frail." Friends say she cries all the time. There's tons of speculation over the Hollywood super couple's breakup. So far on the probable cause list are: Pitt "cheating" with co-star Marion Cottilard(which that lady flatly denies), his drug problem, his anger issues, Angelina's insane jealousy and parenting differences between them. Could Angie's anorexic weight loss and health be other factors in the Brangelinasplit?

How skeletal Angelina Jolie hides weight loss

The "Tomb Raider" actress has been steadily losing weight for some time. Angelina has been reported to weight anywhere from 95 to 79 pounds. The reason she doesn't appear thinner and still seems to have full lips and breasts is probably down to lip implants, perhaps some facial Botox andbreast augmentation to cover the double mastectomy, But depending on how you look at it, plastic surgeryonly highlights extreme weight loss. Bony arms, skeletal legs, thin pelvis, rib cage, back are the places where it shows.

Lots of excuses, few answers

Over the years, Jolie has given different reasons for her weight loss. She said several years ago that she was grieving the death of her mom and having a difficult time. Then there was the cancer scare and mastectomy. In making "Unbroken" in 2014, the cast had to get thin to portray WWII POWs and Jolie, as director, didn't eat in solidarity. But none of these things account for the fact that the "Maleficent" actress continues to waste away.

Some reports say she doesn't eat much of anything and smokes a lot. Anorexiaand bulimia act like that.

Which came first: divorce or weight loss?

Those close to Jolie say she's grieving the divorce and its impact on the kids. Some of them are said to be really struggling with their parents' breakup. Then there's the fact that Brad Pitt divorced wife Jennifer Aniston after his affair with Angelina. Now come rumors of Pitt's adultery rumors, substance abuseproblems and violent temper with the kids.

But he's also been very worried about her health and supportive, according to Jolie So did Angie lose weight in the stress of the relationship dissolution or is anorexic weight loss a default response with her?

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