Selena Gomez has become entangled in Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's divorce drama, with a new report revealing that Angelina found the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer's photo, as well as pictures of other women, on Brad's phone. The actress reportedly was snooping on Pitt's cell phone when she was shocked to discover all those images of other women, according to Hollywood Life.

That discovery resulted in a Brangelina "blowout fight," with jealous Angelina Jolie allegedly furious that Brad had accumulated so many pictures, ranging from biker babes to flight attendants to Hollywood stars such as Selena, according to an insider.

Prior to discovering the pictures, Jolie was worryied about Pitt's "dalliances," photos that proved to be the final issue that pushed her into that battle with her actor husband.

Angelina Jolie Jealous?

Although Angelina reportedly recognized why other women would be attracted to Brad Pitt, those photos on his cell phone left her both baffled and furious. Soon after the resulting fight, Jolie became aware of reports that Brad had an affair with one of his co-stars, Marion Cotillard, and that made her even angrier. But Selena's role in this battle doesn't end there. Just like a Real Housewives reunion, the bombshells keep exploding in this drama.

Another report claims that Selena recently checked into rehab and that her stay at the treatment facility is linked to Brad, reported Ace Showbiz.

This story alleges that she has been "hiding out" from Brad's and Angelina's divorce drama in the clinic, and that she created a scandal at the Golden Globes this year by informing reports that she was searching for Pitt.

Selena Gomez In Rehab Because Of Brangelina?

Gomez and Brad then got cozy at the event, which Jolie did not attend.In addition, the report alleges that Selena is addicted to pills, and that her "dalliance" with Pitt is attributed to an addictive personality.

However, a different version of why Gomez is in rehab ties her stay to depression and medical issues, specifically emphasizing that her decision to enter rehab has nothing to do with drugs. Selena has stated that she has lupus with side effects including emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

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