Amy Schumer found out the hard way that there are some very adamant Donald Trump supporters hidden in the crowds across the nation. Schumertook her comedy act a Trump joke too far when she conjured up boos and a walk-out of 200-plus fans. It appears these fans were sending the funny lady a message.

The road leading up to the 2016 presidential election has been a journey like no other and for that reason most traditional indicators of winner and loser don't fall tightly into place when it comes to Trump.

Even the polls are hard to trust as many are keeping their vote for Trump a silent vote!

Bashing Trump moves crowd out the door!

During her live comedy show on Sunday when Schumer started to bash Trump she saw some very loyal Trump supporters get up and leave. This wasn't just a handful of people, more than 200 left her show after paying a pretty price to see her perform.

Schumer was performing for an audience at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. It was when she brought an audience member up on the stage to interrogate him about his enthusiasm for Trump, that the boos started.

As she went a bit further with her Trump skit, hundreds of people walked out, according to Fox News. Check out the video of Schumer's performance below in the YouTube video:

Schumer attacking Trump, not very funny?

According to Fox News, she was visibly frustrated as the staunch Trump supporter, named Dave, wasn't going to sway on his views. She asked him if he was worried about Trump's tendency to be impulsive.

She continued on by saying Dave, the audience member, should have concerns that Trump may get us into trouble and it could be trouble that we can't get out of.

The boos became loud and the stream of people leaving sent Schumer a message. There are quite a bit of people out there that are adamant supporters of Trump! This is not an isolated incident as many Trump supporters will tell you they are very careful about sharing their voting choice in public, in their workplace and even at home for fear of starting an argument.

So they sit quietly with their secret ballot choice waiting for November.

Rile them up in the grocery store!

Next time you stand in line in the grocery store do an experiment. Tell the person in front of you or behind you that you so hope Trump wins the election because this country needs a real change. Get ready to duck because there is always one in the crowd ready to show you the error of your ways! The quiet ones are more than likely the Trump supporters, as a vote for Hillary seems to be the politically correct thing to share and folks don't have a problem saying her name. Trump supporters are just afraid to add more fuel to the verbal fire starting all around them.

Ask an expert who is going to win

Some people believe that come November the ballots cast for Trumpwill surprise the masses as the polls didn't reflect an overwhelming outcome or the GOP candidate. Then there's Allan Lichtman, the highly regarded history professor from American College, who knows who the next president will be.

His presidential election predictions have never been wrong since he started predicting the White House races in 1984. His 100% rate of accuracy has to do with a method he uses when sizing up the elections. And his prediction for 2016 is Donald Trump!

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