So many fans were sad to see the hit show, "Mike and Molly," come to an end, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Katy Mixon, who played the pot-smoking, fun-loving sister Victoria has moved on to star in the lead role of her own television sitcom, "American Housewife."

'American Housewife'gets real

The pilot episode of Katy Mixon's debut as leading lady revolves around the life of stay at home housewife and mom, Katie Otto, who moved her family to the wealthy area of Westport so her children, especially youngest daughter, Anna-Kat, who happens to have issues very closely resembling OCD, could benefit from the better school system.

Her husband, Greg, is played by Diedrich Bader, whose impressive list of credits include "The Drew Carey Show"and "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy,"is a cheerful, easy going man who is happy to let hisAmerican Housewifetake the lead with parenting their three children.

In this community, moms are thin and obsessed with diet and exercise, the complete opposite of Katie. When she learns that her neighbor, the largest woman in Westport, has listed her house for sale, she spirals into a hilarious tailspin at the thought that she is now the second fattest mom in the community. The Barbie dopplegangers "love her" because she is so "real," as they tell her. This pseudo compliment draws a comic smile,as she endures their company, and their comments.

'American Housewife'was made with regular moms in mind.

The show's creator, Sarah Dunn, lived the life of housewife and mom that made her feel as if "just being a mom was like becoming invisible." Dunn told Refinery 29she wanted to bring the spotlight to women who do not get to see themselves on television.

"Part of what I wanted to do was make a show where women with kids could see their struggles and that the pains in their asses are real and someone else feels them."

Sarah believes it is ridiculous for middle aged women to feel the need to worry about keeping their body as tight and thin as a teenager's.

After all, giving birth to children definitely changes a lot in a woman's body.

Katy Mixon describes her character on 'American Housewife'

In an interview with ABC News,Katy Mixon refers to Katie Otto as "an authentic lady living in an unauthentic world." Of herself, Katy says she does not allow her weight to define who she is as a person. "I have never let the media dictate my identity. I don't hold what I am, either I'm a size 14, or a size 4, a size 8, I have never allowed that to be my self worth. Katie Otto deals with it though on a regular basis and so, we touch on it."

"American Housewife"is bringing the invisible moms out into the open, which will surely please a plethora of "real" moms across the country.

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