According to a recent report from the folks over at Hollywood Life, the "American Horror Story" crew, has finally made a decision to let that adorable-looking chick, TaissaFarmigaback into the fold this season! That's right. Apparently, they're going to get her right back in there for this latter half of the current season 6, "Roanoke."

Taissa's season 6 role is a complete mystery for now

They say the show's producer, Ryan Murphy, broke the news to E! Online. Unfortunately, he didn't spill any details about what character she'll be playing, but that is expected as the show actually didn't release any official press release synopsis for any of the episode this season, making sure every show's footage was a guaranteed surprise.

Taissa will play a really great role in season 6

What Ryan did do, is tell us that Taissa will have a really great role in the back half of the season. He also gave her a lot of praise, stating that they love her. They're very excited to have her back, and they always want her to come back.

So, that's very good news to say the absolute least. The last time we saw Taissa in "American Horror Story" action, was during its 3rd season, titled, "Coven." She played powerful witch, Zoe, in that season, and it was great seeing her act alongside Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, and the rest of the cast.

A huge twist is happening in episode 6

They also revealed that the upcoming episode 6 is going to feature a really major twist that will be a total game-changer.

Ryan also mentioned that Evan Peters will play a very pivotal role in episode 6, playing a totally different character than anything we've seen him portray in the past.

Finn Wittrock is returning for season 6

Lastly, they also mentioned that actor, Finn Wittrock, is returning to portray what they describe as the "most f–ked up character of all- time." So, that should definitely be interesting.

They say, he'll even be worse than Dandy from the "Freak Show" season if that's even possible.

It's still unclear when Taissa will show up

They didn't mention which episode Taissa will debut in, but they only have about 5 more to go, so it should be pretty soon. You'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for her, because they are very tight-lipped this season.

Stay tuned.

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