Entertainment Weekly's Pop Fest was held Sunday and the all star panel was Ryan Murphy and Friends! Of course the moderator, Tim Stack asked Ryan Murphy questions about the beloved "American Horror Story."There were rumors swirling that "Coven" would be coming back. That was season 3 when the storyline was the witches in New Orleans. It is one of the favorite seasons of fans and the possibility of having a second year of witchcraft and voodoo is exciting! There were spells gone wrong as witches learned to use their power and betrayal as witch hunters worked their way into the inner circle.

Ryan Murphy speaks out on a crossover season!

According toEntertainment WeeklyTim Stack questioned Ryan Murphy to find out if there is any truth to this rumor. He not only confirmed the rumor but explained it! They are planning a crossover season of "Murder House" from season 1 and "Coven" from season 3. Murphy says he has already started contacting stars from each season because the plan is to have a mix of characters. Hopefully we will see Connie Britton, who left "American Horror Story" after"Murder House." Another actor that left after season 2's "Asylum" was Dylan McDermott.

"Murder House"was the season that introduced the Harmon family as they relocated to Los Angeles from Boston, looking for a fresh start.

They bought what they thought would be their dream home for them and their daughter but soon realized they had strange neighbors and were living in a haunted mansion.

When will it be airing?

The crossover season hasn't been scheduled yet but it won't be season7. There is coordination of the schedules of the actors to consider as well as all the other planning that goes into putting together a season.

Murphy gave no clues if season 8 is a possibility for the crossover of the two great seasons.

We are currently in season 6.The season is over halfway through and has been disappointing to some fans according to social media. The twist that is dividing the season into three parts has received a mixed reaction from fans.

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