For the many fans of the latest installment of the 'American horror Story',titled "My Roanoke Nightmare," November 16’s grand finale cannot come early enough. If you think you know the AHS, you should think again. True to style, this season is heavily focused on supernatural reality. The biggest surprise, however, will come in the sixth episode of this season’s AHS. This season’s plot is a well kept secret and series’ producers are taking no prisoners, as they are more than willing to disclose as few spoilers as possible. That won’t dissuade die-hard fans, though, as they are hell-bent on speculations upon speculations, tirelessly working at spinning out meticulously fabricated theories all over cyberspace.

Some theorists are theorizing that the big twist would separate season 6 into two clean halves but co-creator, Falchuk, sees this season as an amalgamation of three distinct stories: episodes 1 through 5, episodes 6-9 and finally episode 10 which would have a story of its own and looks likely to end with a Bang!

Swirling theories about Roanke season

The "American Horror Story ‘s" ‘Fan-niverse’ has certainly been kept busy with all the theories and possible outcomes of this season. One of the theories suggests that each episodein the Roanke season are somewhat parallel to the previous seasons of the 'American Horror Story'. Certain Redditors have even taken it further by saying that not only is Roanke referencing to the past seasons, it is also being quite orderly in the referencing!

Weird, isn’t it? But isn't that what this show is all about! Right there in the beginning of this very season, we see this pig-headed creature lurking in the woods. Of course, fans were quick to point out that this may be a reference to the Season 1’s Piggyman creature which was introduced in episode 6 'Piggy Piggy'.

In the second episode of season 6, though the creepy-looking Priscilla and Flora may end up being good, Priscilla has already lured her human friend into the forest – just like Jenny Reynolds did in season 2 episode 6 "The Origins of the Monstrosity". Coincidence, or micro-planning at its best?

With the coming episodes it's getting better and better

"My Roanoke Nightmare’s" episode 3 and Season 3 have clear connections too, as the witchcraft themes, as well as the appearance of Leslie Jordan make the prediction pretty straightforward. Episode 4, though, is a bit more challenging, mentions Edward Phillip Mott and discreetly points us in the direction of the Freakshow Mott family that was promised to be included in the latest installment of the "American Horror Story."Interestingly, the Motts were also mentioned by Gloria in Season 4 episode 6 "Bullseye". Episode 5 of the Roanke season introduces Lady Gaga to the show, and she is already known as the mother of a demonic baby! Talk about first impressions!

The eerie number 6

However ridiculous this may seem, the whole point of the "American Horror Story"'is this creeping, mysterious monstrosity trying to engulf you with its abyssal story. The connections and theories that are circulating are interesting and will probably climax with the sixth episode of the AHS: Roanke. Of course, we can't overlook the obvious demonic connections with the number 6. It’s good for marketing the series, and clearly, the marketing team is using this to its advantage! This leaves us with one final thing. If all the episodes had references to the previous seasons’ finales, what can we expect from the mind-chilling episode six of AHS: Roanke?As Ryan Murphy has already promised an unprecedented twist that will even drop the jaws of the most hard-core fans of the series, many suggest that it will be associated with the fictional "My Roanke Nightmare" docuseries.

Since there are no other references that the newest episode of the AHScan relate with, we can be sure to expect something entirely different from the Season 6 episode 6 of "AHS: Roanke."

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