Frankly speaking, if there is anything superlative about any "American Horror Story" season, it simply has to be the suspense. Believe me when I say that before the season premiere is over, a lot of die-hard fans are going to need a fresh pair of pants. Season 6 has been titled "American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare" and it is being told in the style of a mock docu-series. From every indication, we are now pretty much aware that much of season 6 would be centered on themysterious colony of Roanoke, where over 100 men, women, and children inexplicably disappeared in the latter part of the 16th century.True, what we don’t know greatly outweighs what we do know, and it seems that the more we look, the less we tend to see.

But that wouldn’t discourage us from at least trying to embark on the odyssey of "American Horror Story" theories, where only the bold would even consider venturing into.

Matt, Shelby, and Lee, are all ghosts

It seems apparent that since Matt, Shelby and Lee somehow all made it for the interviews, they all survived Roanoke. Maybe. Maybe not. What if the trio were doing the interviews as ghosts? That would seem very plausible, because, according to the "American Horror Story’s" plot, a ghost can leave a haunted house, though not a haunted property. But this raises another question: Does this mean that the production is happening on the property?Interesting, isn’t it?Evan Peters is hiding behind the cameras?I mean, come on, we’re four episodes into the A.H.S.and we haven’t still come across Evan Peters!Really?

Interestingly, a theory making rounds right now is that Evan Peters is one of the producers that is making the Roanoke story tick. Some months ago, Peters took a selfie in the control room of"Good Morning America," and some fans are starting to believe that this was some form of research for the purpose of the "American Horror Story." Besides, Peters hair is now red…what does that even have to do with playing the role of a producer?

The production is haunted too

Another theory making rounds is that the entire production crew would be possessed by the spirits from Roanoke. Naturally, according to"American Horror Story" logic, this would only be possible if the set for "My Roanoke Nightmare" is at the Murde-House. Although, there is no indication of this in the story just yet…the voice of one of the producers filtered through during Chapter 3 of the series.

Bridget and Miranda’s Murde-Wall would be completed

There are speculations that somebody with a name starting with ‘R’ would die to complete the word ‘Murder’ on the Roanoke house. Going with the flow of the story on the "American Horror Story," the diabolical sisters Bridget and Miranda disappeared after they had eliminated their parents and then proceeded to murder the people they used in their morbid spelling bee. It looks likely that an unfortunate ‘Richard’, ‘Rhoda’ or ‘Ryan’ would be paid their last respects.

More Demon Babies

Due to the fact that the A.H.S.seems to be in love with demon babies, and Matt is already having sex with Lady Gaga’s Witch of the Woods character, it is safe to theorize that a baby will be born from this encounter that would most likely advance the plot of this series.

And finally, the most eerie of them all

It seems that the "American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare"is somehow pointing back to the sixth episodes of previous seasons! It seems like a crazy one, but can it be true? For instance, the pig-man creature in Episode 6 of Season 1 reappears in Season 6. Jenny Reynolds lured her human friend into the woods in a similar way that Priscilla lured hers in Season 6. Not to mention that Jenny first appeared in Episode 6 of Season 2! Similar patterns can be found in the 6th Episodes of all other previous seasons.Who knows what would happen in the 6th Episode of Season 6?Your best bet?Don’t even bother trying to guess!

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