"American Horror Story" franchise hinted before the season began how all the past stories will intertwine duringseason six. Series showrunner, Ryan Murphy told Variety that Sarah Paulson's season twoLana Winters would pop in for a special Halloweenepisode on Wednesday night.

Ryan teased a returning character for weeks

For weeks, Murphy has teased that a returning character would appear in the series. The fans assumed it would be Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, or even Emma Roberts. No one suspected that it could be Sarah Paulson. As a bonus, she will reprise the ultimate survivor role ofLana Winters.

What a great Halloweentreat for the viewers.

Crossover becoming common practice for 'American Horror Story'

Paulson has appeared in every season of the series so far and remarkably has survived each season's big twist. If you remember, she has reprised her season one role of psychic, Billie Dean Howard in "Hotel." Let's not forget that her role of Marcy, the realtor that sold the Harmons the beautiful (and haunted) house during season one. She reappeared in season five giving Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) a tour of theCortez Hotel.

Three episodes left

There are only three episodes left in season six andRyan teased that the final two episodes will "shock you to your core." Apparently, it will question everything you think you know about the season so far, and leave you asking the question---what is real?

Murphy recently stated that in "Roanoke," "dead is not really dead." Many "American Horror Story" fans took that to mean that Evan Peters' character, Rory was not really dead and would appear later in the season. Apparently, that wasn't what he meant because Rory was shown later, hung in a tree with his intestines outside his body.

So far, no one knows how Sarah Paulson's Lana Winters will tie into "Roanoke" just yet. It is possible that she was once a patient when the house was a mental hospital, and she will appear to give someone a grave warning about the evil farmhouse.

As a die-hard "American Horror Story" fan, I cannot wait to see what Lana Winters has to do with "Roanoke."

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