Actress Caterina Scorsone is sharing some “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers about what comes next for her character of Amelia after her pregnancy test brought some unexpected emotions in the last show. Thursday night's episode is titled “Roar” and it looks like there are emotional and dark moments ahead for Amelia once again.

What comes next for Owen and Amelia?

As viewers saw last week, Amelia was excited and scared to think that she might be pregnant, and Owen was thrilled. However, the thought of being pregnant brought back some memories from difficult days in her past and as the pregnancy test revealed that the newlyweds were not expecting, it became clear that Amelia was hesitant to consider pursuing a pregnancy after all.

As Caterina Scorsone shares via TVLine, Amelia and Owen will struggle as a result of the pregnancy test results. She will be pulled back to the trauma she endured in years past with her previous pregnancy and the losses she went through, and “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers detail that she'll hit the brakes on trying to have a baby with Owen. He'll be stunned by the shift in his new wife, not understanding why she's now so hesitant.

This 'Grey's Anatomy' couple is facing more difficulties

From the sounds of things, Amelia won't quite know what to make of it either.

She'll try to bury herself in her work, but she'll quickly find that it's not that easy. She'll have to tackle a difficult and emotional case that involves a child and it sounds as if this will leave her quite shaken.

Scorsone told TV Guide that Amelia will interestingly lean on Alex during the next episode, even though Karev is not typically someone she interacts with on any kind of deep level. Those who have followed the character of Amelia since her “Private Practice” days are familiar with what happened with her prior pregnancy and the death of Ryan, the baby's father, but those who only watch her on “Grey's Anatomy” only know the tidbits that have been shared thus far.

Will she manage to open up to Owen to share these inner demons that she's struggling to handle?

Thursday's episode also brings the return of a controversial former cast member and “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers detail that Bailey will be pressured by Catherine to make some decisions about Alex's fate. Arizona is on the brink of having romance in her life again, teasers indicate, and there is clearly much more on the way for Amelia and Owen.

Will they be able to be a happily-married couple and eventually build a family, or are they both still carrying too many hurts from the past to make this work?

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