Viewers were not amusedwhere Alex Trebek made a remark on ABC's "Jeopardy!" about a contestant's type of music. It is customary for Trebek to get to know the three contestants a little better by talking to them after the first round of questions. On Wednesday night, Susan Colesaid her favorite music is Nerdcore Hip-Hop. The 76-year-old host asked the librarian to explain what it was because he had never heard of it. The contestant explained that lyrics are sung to hip-hop beats about gaming, computers, science fiction and things people love. Trebek's response left fans shocked when he remarked that type of music is for losers.

He followed up by saying he was kidding. Cole laughed the comment off, but the damage had already been done, according to attacks against the host on social media.

Social media attacks Alex Trebek

In this age of social media, nothing goes without criticisms even for the well-respected Alex Trebek. His job is to ask hard questions making the audience think he is very smart. However, he told a contestant her favorite type of music is something he had never heard of. The first part of his comment would have been acceptable, but he didn't stop there. He continued by saying the music didn't sound like fun and it was for losers. Trebek's remark did not rattle Cole, who went on to prove that she is not a loser.

The legislative librarian from Bowie, Maryland beat her two competitors by winning $22,600 and the right to return to the game show the next night.

Video with Trebek's remark

When you see the video and hear Trebek's remark in context, it doesn't appear to be demeaning to the contestant or to fans of her music.

The 28-second video of the short conversation reveals exactly what Trebek said. After Trebek said he was teasing, the show went on as usual with contestants giving their answers in the form of questions.

Angry tweets

Trebek has hosted "Jeopardy!" since 1984 with a minimum number of criticisms. The remark he made about a contestant's genre of music is the exception.

However, when people on social media come down on someone, they come down hard on them. Therefore, people posted angry tweets during and after Wednesday night's show. One fan of the show made a positive comment by saying a lot of people, including Trebek, have now heard ofNerdcore Hip-Hop.

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