It was a sad first gander of the 'Alaskan Bush People' and their make-shift dwellings when the Brown family originally hit the air. The way this family lived stirred up a knitting grandmother-like mode for some of the viewers of the show, who wanted to send them warm things! There wasn't much between the "Alaskan Bush People" and the cold-icy wilderness except for their shanty, which looked like one good wind would blow it over. This scene made you want to knit every member of this family a nice warm blanket to ward off the biting cold of Browntown.


Viewers were sucked right in

Those first few episodes did draw viewers right in and the family made the "Alaskan Bush People" a weekly destination for the fans via the television set. Once getting to know the characters of the show, all of whom are family members, you realized there was something a bit odd about this brood. They didn't talk like other people as their accent seemed to be a combination consisting of part British and part Southern hillbilly. When this family wanted to celebrate or call out to one another they'd break out howling, which was quite bizarre. The Inquisitr suggests that the "Alaskan Bush People" are the "creepiest" show on TV these days!

Idiosyncrasies of the Brown family                                                                                                                                                                

The howling somewhat explained why they called themselves a "wolf pack," but this was just the start of the little idiosyncrasies the Brown family demonstrated over time.

Many saw the Brown clan as a poor family who surrendered themselves to the woods to live outside society, which can be very cruel at times. They were seen as a down-on-their-luck destitute brood. While some folks in society can be rather mean, there is another part of the population that is very kind and giving and it was people from this part of the population that inundated the Brown family with gifts, money and letters. More than likely they also got their fair share of knitted blankets!  

No favors for their kids!    

You can't help asking yourself if the parents of this "Alaskan Bush People" brood did their kids any favors.

Top Videos of the Day

While they still have two young  daughters, the boys in the family are all men and it looks as if these grown men spend a lot of time just playing. A few of them pride themselves on being inventors and Ami and Billy Brown make a big deal over everything they create. They are shown frequently praising them in the same way you would a young child who comes running up to you with their first drawing. One of the biggest concerns from viewers through the seasons is... when are they going to let these grown children grow up? YouTube is full of videos of Matt juggling, Nate reciting a poem or a couple of the boys in their 20s sitting on a barrel they've concocted into a bull-like ride. 

Play-time at Browntown

These play-time videos are plentiful and work around the Browntown seems to be put on the back burner.

While the family creates everything from odd tools to art, Billy stands on the back porch of the family's shanty with a proud smile on his face watching as his grown children,!

Why off the grid living?

What happened to this family, why didn't Billy and Ami take jobs and raise the kids like most families in this nation do? If Ami and Billy really did move to the wilderness with their babies and lived off the grid for all these years, where did it get any of them? They are one isolated group and their kids are extremely lacking in the social skills needed to get along in society.


These grown children appear to be groomed never to leave home!

The show has been cursed lately with accusations that it is scripted and fake. While the Browns did live in the wilderness, it wasn't for as long as first thought and they go back for filming only. Season 6 of the show should help clear up the recent indignities and rumors floating around online.