How much Joshua Brown, the second-oldest son of the “Alaskan Bush People” family, is involved in the Facebook page set up by one of his fans is unknown. However, when reading the nearly daily posts on the Joshua Bam Bam Brown fan Facebook page, one cannot help but notice one of the major and amazing values that Joshua Brown appears to live by – keeping everyone “on point.”

Of course, the first and foremost concern for fans of the Brown family living in the Alaskan outback at the moment is whether or not Discovery Channel has cancelled or renewed the television show. Are the rumors that Joshua Brown and his family will return to television on November 10, 2016, just rumors or is the date based on any real news?

Joshua Brown’s fan page gets to the point

According to yesterday’s post on Joshua’s fan Facebook page, Discovery Channel has not cancelled “Alaskan Bush People” but will bring the Brown family back to television. Discovery has officially renewed the Brown folks for a new season. However, the network has not confirmed the November 10 date.

In regard to the return of the new season,Joshua Brown’s fan Facebook page explains that the date originated on Matt Brown’s fan Facebook page. As the most recent post on Joshua’s site explains, someone sent an email to Discovery Channel asking when the Brown family show would return.

Discovery Channel’s response email – that the show would return with a new season on November 10 – was posted on Matt Brown’s fan Facebook page but has not been authenticated.

Whoever is in charge of Joshua Brown’s fan Facebook page is emphasizing that the alleged email might be photo-shopped but that it could also be real.

Is it season 4 or 6?

While Joshua Brown’s fan Facebook page gets to the point when it comes to news about cancellation rumors and the return of a new season, even this site avoids mentioning what season viewers can look forward to.

So here are the details and the breakdown of the Brown family show.

Season one of “Alaskan Bush People” first aired from May 6, 2014, until June 15, 2014, with five initial episodes. After the initial success, season two aired from January 2, 2015, until July 31, 2015, with 17 episodes. Discovery Channel followed up with a season three for the Brown family that included 21 episodes from November 11, 2015, until July 29, 2016.

This would make the new season of the Alaskan wilderness family the fourth season.

How 4 seasons of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ turned into 6

Fans who are buying season 1 & 2 of “Alaskan Bush People” on Discovery shop’s website or Amazon might be surprised to find out that the three DVDs covering the first two seasons actually only include 14 episodes. While there are no changes to the first five episodes of season 1 in 2014, season 2 in 2015 is broken down into only nine episodes instead of the original 17 episodes aired in 2015.

"A Wolfpack Divided" aired originally on May 29, 2015, as part of season 2 but then became episode 1 of season 3. After a total of original 43 episodes aired during the first 3 years, Discovery made numerous changes and additions to “Alaskan Bush People.”

If one is to follow Discovery's YouTube channel, season 1 still consists of the first five episodes.

However, season 2 now consists of nine episodes (ending with “Now or Never”), season 3 consists of 10 episodes (ending with “The Wild Year”), season 4 consists of 10 episodes (ending with “Paradise Lost”), and season 5 begins with “Browntown to Bust” and ends with the 10th episode “Released to the Wild.”

By breaking down 44 (plus or minus one) episodes of “Alaskan Bush People” into five seasons instead of three, Discovery Channel has successfully filled its pockets – and confused viewers. But when it comes to the Brown family and their fake life in the Alaskan wilderness, this appears to be nothing new.

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