Whether you are a fan or critic of “Alaskan Bush People” and Matt Brown, the family’s oldest son, news that Discovery Channel is bringing back the show for a new season has sparked everyone’s interest. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Brown folks and their life in the Alaskan wilderness, the word “fake” is once again accompanying the latest news. While critics of “Alaskan Bush People” have reason to cheer for being right about the phony aspect of the show, fans of Matt will be encouraged by finding out that the Brown family has very little to do with the false news about the new season.

Matt Brown posts news about new season on Facebook?

According to a latest report by the Parent Herald, Matt Brown himself revealed that the new season of “Alaskan Bush People” is “now a go.” As evidence for the breaking news about the new season 4, the report includes a Facebook photo of Matt and the words, “Looks like Discovery channel is getting us ready for the new season.”

Regrettably, while the Facebook photo is certainly Matt,he did not write the words included in the caption. By using the word “us” along with Matt Brown’s photo, fans are being misled into believing that the Alaskan bush family’s eldest son is breaking the news about the new season.

The reality behind the Brown family’s Facebook pages

Matt Brown’s Facebook page titled “Matthew ‘Matt’ Jeremiah Brown” is not Matt’s personal Facebook page but a page made by a fan. “This is NOT Matt,” states a hidden description. “This is a fan page dedicated to Matt Brown from Discovery's ‘Alaskan Bush People’."

Since the truth about Matt's alleged Facebook page is rather hidden, thousands of fans visiting the site are believing that they are communicating with the eldest son of the Brown folks living in the Alaskan outback.

“Thanks for keeping us informed....it's great that you care so much about us fans,” reads just one of thousands of comments to Matt Brown.

Joshua Brown’s fan page sheds light on new season of ABP

In contrast to the misleading photo and caption on Matt Brown’s Facebook page (kept up by a fan), Joshua Brown’s Facebook page reminds visitors that the below words were not written by the eldest son of the Alaskan bush folks and that he did not break the news of the new season.

Of course, the Parent Herald was not the first nor the last report stating that Matt Brown broke the news about "Alaskan Bush People" returning for a new season 4. Looking at Matthew Brown's rather deceptive Facebook post and the use of the word "us" in the caption, it appears to be no surprise that not only reporters are fooled, but also fans.

As previously reported, Matt Brown is in Hoonah, Alaska, and does love appearing in photos with his fans. However, neither Matt nor Discovery Channel has commented in any way on the new season of “Alaskan Bush People.”

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