The 'Alaskan Bush People' are history as far as TLC putting it back on the air, which is the mindset of many of the show's fans who have taken the matter into their own hands. They are making an attempt at enticing the head honchos to bring back the Wolf Pack via an online petition. Let's face it, the new season is due out in November if the "Alaskan Bush People" reality show was to continue. November is almost here and not a word or even a tease of a trailer or photo has been sent out by TLC.


Fate not looking so good

By now the teaser trailers would have been posted online and clips of the new season would be blaring across the TLC Channel nightly for the sake of advertising. Fans who realize now that with no sign of the show materializing and the silence on TLC's part, the show won't go on. For this reason they've started a petition pleading with the TLC powers who be to give it another chance.


Too much to fix?

"Alaskan Bush People" fans were hoping against hope as last season went out in a blaze of discontentment among many viewers who saw the writing on the wall about this fake reality show. Some felt slighted for being fed the story line of a financial poor family living off the grid in the Alaska bush, according to The Inquisitr. Still their were others who felt it was entertaining enough that they didn't care how the story line came about. 

Splash of hope over summer

A little bit of hope about a sixth season of the show on TLC popped up this summer when social media held a few blurbs from Joshua 'Bam' Brown and his romance with the show's producer.

The two vacationed in New York City and pictures posted by Bam gave the fans a trickle of hope they'd be seeing an Alaskan bush wedding soon. 

Matt Brown leaving for rehab left the family up in the air for a while, but from all reports he was successful with his stay and is back at home doing fine. So canceling the show because of Matt's absence doesn't seem to be the case. It could be that TLC is honoring what they had said a while back.

The channel was once known for its scientific based documentaries, but they went down the avenue of docudramas for a while. Their mermaid show, along with a few others sparked the ire of viewers who considered the channel more educational than a place to view fabrications. Now with all the scuttlebutt over the "Alaskan Bush People" being one of those fabricated venues, have they let it go by the wayside?


TLC remains silent

TLC isn't being very fair to their fans for not giving them the answers they been looking for about the show's fate. Because of this fans are circulating an online petition hoping to get the show back on the air, or at least get some definite answers as to what is going on with the show and the family.

TV has changed in recent years and many shows have left one network only to pop up on another network.


Also some shows taken off the air have surfaced else where like on Netflix. Could this be the fate of the "Alaskan Bush People?" 

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