If reality shows had actual cliffhangers, how the "Alaskan Bush People" closed out their last season left folks with not one, but several unanswered story plots, much like cliffhangers for the viewers of the show. Not to mention some of the cliff hangers that developed while the show was on its summer hiatus leaving fans wanting even more answers.

While Matt went to rehab, fans never learned of his fate while away from the family all that time. We saw some disappointed parents waiting by the shore for their eldest son to return, but as the boat got closer to the beach, they realized he wasn't on that vessel.

A season 6 would clear up a lot of the unfinished story plots that were left hanging from the end of season 5.

Cliffhangers galore!

Whispers and photos of a love affair in bloom were heard over the summer for Joshua 'Bam' Brown with the producer of the "Alaskan Bush People" show. Bam posted pictures online of the two taking in New York City. Rumors of a bush wedding started swirling online, but once again there's nothing from the show or the Brown family to update the fans.

Browntown bound

While Matt Brownrecently posted on Facebook that the family is getting a new season underway, there's no official word of this.

His claim was backed up by some of the folks who live in a neighboring town to the Brown family's Browntown. They have seen Billy, Ami and their brood back in town with cameras in tow. Again...still no official word of when, or even if, they will return to the Discovery Channel for another season.

Folks still enticed

The Inquisitr asks "why do people care about Billy Brown and this fake reality show?" They are not just talking about what goes on while the show is on the air, but all the rumored day to day activities that swirl their way online and keep the fans guessing.

While it's pretty much been established that the Brown family move to Browntown to do this show and live elsewhere in a town with modern-day luxuries the rest of the time, this show is still entertaining.

Billy and Ami moved into the Alaskan Bush as a young couple with young kids and they did live like this for a while. Basically the Discovery Channel took storylines out of Billy's book, which he wrote about his family's time really living in the bush, and made a reality series out of it.

It is deemed a "docu-drama" by some venues online, which might be a better explanation of the show.

The jig is up, but who cares?

They are a real family who do get together and film in Browntown for this show. While at one time the viewers thought that what they were seeing is exactly how this family was living, that wasn't the case. Besides the few fans who bailed this venue, calling the show a "fake," others didn't care and continued to watch because the family is quirky, loving and quite frankly...entertaining!

A new season of "Alaskan Bush People" is rumored to start in November, or at least that is what Matt pointed to in his social media post, but the head honchos over at Discovery are still mum on the subject.

Are they waiting to see just how much interest will be sparked by the silence? With all the hoopla in recent months over the fake reality show, they may think they've lost a good portion of their viewers.

It could be that they are following the old adage that "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Is this one way to bring back the fans...stay silent and leave them wanting more? As far as many of the fans are concerned, at least throw them some kind of bone regarding the future of the "Alaskan Bush People!"

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