The show "Alaskan Bush People" is riddled with confusion these days as some media outlets report that fans are waiting for news on the show's renewal, which would bring aseason 4.Others report waiting on news ofa renewal for a season 6 toair and one reports season 5 is on deck next... so which is it? The answer is easily found and confirmed by just doing a bit of checking at the source!

That entails going to the Discovery Channel website and looking up the "Alaskan Bush People" homepage. They offer episodes on video from seasons 1 - 5, and 5 was the last season. A little deductive reasoning points to the next season asseason 6.

That is, of course, if the Discovery Channel intends on numbering their seasons in chronological order as one would expect.

Just what season are we waiting for 4 or 6?

On the "Alaskan Bush People" official Facebook account they are asking fans to - "Catch up on season 5 or re-watch your favorite episodes." This also acts as a confirmation that they've already aired seasons 1-5. They have also updated the show's cover photo which is seen below. If you are wondering what is different, there's not much! The birds have changed position a bit, but the family pose is the same!

Straightforward in chronological order!

Many shows do take seasons and cut them in half, airing partial seasons of their shows.

This practice sometimes confuses the viewers, who believe they are seeing an entirely new season instead of a new continuance of the last season. Shows like "The Walking Dead" have done this, but this is not the case with "Alaskan Bush People."

The Discovery Channel has the show's seasons listed 1 through 5 only and does notlist a first half and second half, so the confusion didn't come from this.

Sometimes all it takes is one news outlet to make a mistake and the rest follow suit without checking the facts. This is especially true if the news outlet has a reputation for being factual, so thatfolks trust what they are reading.

The season 4 confusion.

One website writes that they are anxiously waiting for news of the show's renewal for season 4, but explain how Matt Brown, the eldest of the Brown children, went into rehab at the end of season 5.

The Movie News, Aussie Network and even some writers on Blasting News are reporting that they are waiting for season 4 of the "Alaskan Bush People" to be renewed, but according to the Discovery Channel homepage for the show, that season has come and gone a long time ago.

Checking the source

Yes, it is confusing but from all indications found on the Discovery Channel homepage, it is season 6 that would fall in line next if they do so choose to renew the show. As of today, there's no official word of that happening, but with that said, Matt Brown did pop up on his Facebook page recently to say how the Discovery Channel is getting things set for a new season. He also said it would start somewhere in the beginning of November.

Renewed for sixth season?

This is a show that is waning in viewers, but was a viral hit for its first few seasons. It is also a show that comes with massive confusion around the real living situation of the stars of the show, the Brown family, who refer to themselves as "the wolf pack."

More confusion!

People have come forth who know this family to say the Browns do not live full-time in the Alaska wilderness and that much of the show is scripted. This would explain why the grown children of this family have their own social media sites they use to keep the fans informed. When the show first aired many believed they lived off grid in the wilderness where electronic devices were just products they heard about from the occasional passerby!

Just don't over analyze!

While the exact specifics of the Brown family's year-round living locations are not known, this is one entertaining show, so if you can sit and watch it without analyzing the heck out of it, you will find this family is one quirky but endearing bunch!

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