According to recent reports, Discovery Channel has cancelled “Alaskan Bush People,” and viewers are so upset about the Brown family disappearing from television that fans reportedly have petitioned Discovery Channel to continue the show. However, neither one of the headline topics – that “ABP" has been cancelled and that fans have signed a petition – are based on any evidence or facts. So what are the facts about the Brown family and the continuation of their reality television show on Discovery Channel?

Actual “ABP” show news

“Alaskan Bush People: Officially renewed for Season 6,” states RenewCancelTV in a report about Discovery Channel’s show on October 27.

RenewCancelTV distinguishes between television shows that have been cancelled, renewed, or whose fate is undetermined. In regard to the Brown family show about their life in the Alaskan wilderness, nothing has been changed.

Discovery Channel had announced back in March that the reality television series would continue with a season 6 in 2016 to 2017. However, while millions of viewers are hoping for a November return date, Discovery Channel has not informed viewers when “ABP” will be returning for the new season.

Discovery Channel’s "ABP" is actually produced by Park Slope Productions, a company specialising in producing reality television shows for networks like ABC, A&E, ANIMAL PLANET, DISCOVERY, G4, MTV, OWN, OXYGEN, PBS, TLC, and VH1.

Park Slope has not announced that "ABP" was cancelled.

Brown family members news updates

One of the producers of “ABP,” Allison Kagan, is in a romantic relationship with the Brown family’s second-oldest son Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, who just turned 32 in October. After having worked closely together for the past two years, the relationship comes as no surprise to many Joshua Brown fans.

After Allison and Joshua shared photos of their summer time together in New York on Facebook, fans speculated that the two have gotten married. However, first congratulations to the new Brown couple just surfaced online.

So far, there has not been any official confirmation of Joshua Brown’s marriage to Allison Kagan, the producer of “Alaskan Bush People.” If true, the wedding might have thrown the network a little bit off course in how to start the new season 6.

This might explain why Discovery Channel is not debunking any “Alaskan Bush People” cancelled rumours.

Alaskan Bush People” cancelled news are quite in contrast to what Alaskan residents near Browntown are experiencing in reality. Local residents report that the Brown family members have been filming on their Browntown set since August. Some fans are eagerly sharing selfies taken with Matt Brown and his sisters around Hoonah and Juneau, Alaska.

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