If “Alaskan Bush People” star Billy Brown could turn the clock and reverse time for 10, 20, or even 30 years, would he make the same choices again? Billy is most likely not the only man who has pursued the American Dream of providing a life of fortune for himself, his wife and his seven Brown children.

For many, the husband of Ami and the father of first-born Matt Brown, Joshua Brown (who just turned 32 years old), Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbird and Rain has achieved his quest. However, critics of “Alaskan Bush People” claim that Billy Brown turned the life for his children not into an American dream but an American nightmare.

Billy Brown and the beginning of his quest

As a child, Billy Brown was no stranger to the American Dream as he grew up in an affluent family in a Fort Worth, Texas, neighborhood. At the age of 16, that dream was shattered when Billy’s parents and sister died in a private plane crash. Left orphaned, Billy was determined not to give up but to pursue his quest for happiness.

In his twenties, Billy Brown got married to Ami, the love of his life. After having become the father of two boys (Matt and Joshua) and deciding that living a nine to five working job as a plumber wasn’t quite what he was meant to do, Billy took his young family and headed to the Alaskan wilderness via ship.

Billy’s American Dream comes true

After the Brown folks survived the first 18 months in the Alaskan outback, the family fell in love with the wilderness. As the Brown’s number of children and their knowledge of life in Alaska grew, so did Billy Brown’s need to share his amazing experiences.

By September 2007, Billy Brown self-published his book “One Wave at a Time,” and in 2014, Discovery Channel began the first season of the reality television show “Alaskan Bush People.” For Billy, his wife Ami, and their seven children -- the American Dream had become reality.

The heartbreaking truth of the American Dream

Now in his sixties, critics of “Alaskan Bush People” are calling Billy Brown’s American Dream a nightmare because Billy is facing health issues, his oldest son Matt has been to rehab for alcohol problems, and Billy and Joshua faced legal problems concerning their residency in Alaska.

If one looks at any famous American family -- be it the Browns, the Kennedys, or the Rockefellers – it becomes clear that wherever there is an American Dream, there is a nightmare. Wherever there are humans – there are human experiences.

As “Alaskan Bush People” is filming its sixth season, fans are making it clear that it doesn’t matter whether Billy Brown’s show on Discovery Channel is fake or real, as some reports state. Fans point out that while the American Dream might often be accompanied by an occasional painful nightmare, what matters in the end is family – and that is what Billy Brown has.

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