If you needed another reason to love Adele, here are four. She's worked hard to achieve eye-popping weight loss. The "Hello" singer also quit smoking and drinking--two majorly impressive feats. But the best thing about the British pop sensation is her confidence and approachable manner. Adele recently shared adorable pics of her beast mode workout face and did they resonate with exercise haters. Even those (insane) folk who proclaim to love fitness can identify with her angst!

No pain, no gain

Adele showed quite the agonized faces as she strained through the grueling workout as ubiquitous trim trainers look on (dam* their eyes!) The fact that she felt comfortable sharing photos of her leotard-clad not-quite stick-thin body shows incredible moxie.

It's one thing to preach body love as is. And it's quite another to post schleppy, sans-cosmetics photos of it--big hips, thighs, butt and tummy notwithstanding--on social media. Adele seems almost proud of the fact that she's one hot mess. As well she should be, as anyone who has lost weight or started an exercise regimen will agree. Makes you want to kiss her sweaty, unmade-up face!

No shame

Perhaps Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian could take leaves from Adele's book. The Kardashians love to share "workout" pictures of themselves--when they're made up, coiffed and camera-ready. You rarely see the sweat and tears images that Adele so generously shared. It's a bit misleading and looks like all the K-dashes do is dress up for the gym, but not actually use it.

Sure you could point to their "flawless" bodies compared to Adele's much more realistic one. But with allplastic surgery those girls have had, you have to wonder how much sexy is down to silicone and how much is from hard work.

Just how did Adele lose weight?

So Adele's beast mode face is totes adorbs and hats off for the honest un-Spanx-ed pics.

But even without shapewear it's obvious that Adele is getting thinner. She credits this makeover to hard work (clearly), chasing her son Angelo (that'll do it) and giving up her pack-a-day Marlboro habit. Adele is also toning the booze to a dull roar. Drinking really packs on the pounds and giving up cigarettes will be healthy, for sure (hopefully she won't lose that delicious smoker's purr voice).

But oddly enough, smoking, or at least nicotine can actually aid weight loss as it curbs hunger and acts as an appetite suppressant. Not to advocate cigarettes, but Adele could try vapingto get a tad of nicotine and maintain the weight loss.

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