Actress Rose McGowan has come forward on social media to come forward on a story that she had been raped by a studio boss in the past.

McGowan did not give names in her side of the story

The Italian-born McGowan is best known to American audiences as good witch Paige Matthews in the fantasy series, "Charmed," starting in 2001 as a replacement for Shannen Doherty’s character Prue, and the more villainous witch, Cora, from Disney’s "Once Upon a Time," a role shared with Barbara Hershey. Her other film credits include "Scream," "Encino Man," "Jawbreaker," and "Monkeybone."

The actress recently made headlines when she took to Twitter to announce the story in a series of posts, using the hashtag #whywomendontreport.

The hashtag had been growing in popularity as a way for victims of sexual assault to explain the legal consequences they could face if they came forward with their stories.

According to her story, she originally did not contact proper authorities over the incident after a criminal attorney, whom McGowan had specified as female in the post, had warned her that she had no chance of winning against a studio head. In addition, she was warned that as she had willingly performed sex scenes in past roles, she could likely have been accused of entrapment.

McGowan did not originally identify her rapist, although she did give a clue, writing that her “ex sold our movie to my rapist for distribution,” in one of the posts.

It has been speculated that the ex in question wasRobert Rodriguez, although this remains unconfirmed.

What could have inspiredMcGowan to come forward with the story?

McGowan had previously claimed that she had been blacklisted by the industry in an interview back in 2015. The recent posts appear to be expanding upon this claim, as she had written that she had been “shamed” in Hollywood, while her rapist had been adulated, despite the incident reportedly being an “open secret.”

McGowan had also alluded to past experiences of sexual assault in an interview discussing the Billy Cosby scandal.In addition, McGowan may have been inspired to come forward with the story after an incident in September, when a commenter decried her use of the phrase "visual rape" to describe the experience of being taken advantage of by photographers, claiming that she was aware of the seriousness of rape.

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