The young women of"Teen Mom OG" havetackled the heartbreaking and heartwarming challenges of motherhood.Raising children, finishing educational levels,defeating personal demons and babying exes have created a whirlwind of drama throughout their popularity. However,Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell have accomplished their dreams, overcome hardship, trounced haters andhurdled past relationships.Along with the important role of mommy, these four celebrities are successful businesswomen, authors, home-owners and inspirations.

Bookout's old flames Ryan Edwardsand Kyle King

Bookouthas been through hell with baby daddy Ryan Edwards and previous partner Kyle King. Fanshave relative knowledge of Edwards, and theyhave viewed his struggles with co-parenting, lack of work, possible drug use and various girlfriends. However, a recent episode showed him at a crossroads with his parents Jen and Larry.The rocky rift between the trio has caused another potholein Edwards' connection with his son Bentley.Let's hope, for his little boy's sake, that Edwards canrepair broken bonds and heal scarred wounds.

Kyle King and Bookout parted whenhe cheated on her with multiple women. Even though he seemed like a kind, caring and thoughtful young man, his priorities were made clear by his sordid actions.

However, his life seems far from bachelorhood. According to a 2015 report, he is engaged to Kendall Withrow, and the couple share a baby boy together. With hardcore abs, a doting fiancée and their firstborn, King has the picturesque American dream. Let's hopeaffairs don't photobomb.

Abraham's contentious canary

Unfortunately, Abraham's daughter's father, Derek Underwood, passed before the child was born. Even though the tragic death had negative reverberations, Abraham's datinglife looked unscathed. Her controversialpartnership with Simon Saran has "Teen Mom OG" devotees in a crazed trance.

His outlandish comments about Abraham's co-stars were appalling, disrespectful and hurtful. As The Hollywood Gossip reported, he criticized Bookout, "No more houses, no more babies coming from the girl who didn't know she was pregnant, but was slamming beers all day long." His disdain for the entrepreneur is crystal clear, and his implied remark aboutalcoholic bingeselevated exaggerated concern for the expectant mom. With similar tiradesagainst other cast memberssuch as: Amber Portwood, Matt Baier, Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell and Taylor McKinney, let's hope he rants aboutthe real hitch.

Portwood's multipleproposals

Amber Portwood is synonymous with Gary Shirley. Their constant verbal arguments and physical brawls cemented "Teen Mom" into television history.

However, these two people kept fighting for their love. Now that Portwood is betrothed in a May-December entanglement, Shirley no longer has a hole in his heart. He met his now wife Kristina Anderson and welcomed their first edition into their burgeoning family. The baby girl, named Emilee Grace, debuted on April 30, 2015. Both Portwood and Shirley have evolved from two troubled teens to grown adults with fulfilled responsibilities, consistent schedules and demonstrative dalliances. Let's hope there's more love and less war for years to come.

Lowell's fragile fairytale

Tyler Baltierra wedded Catelynn Lowell on August 22, 2015. Their second daughter, Novalee, witnessed the blissful union.Unfortunately, paradise isin a panic, and this husband and wife are struggling with the upkeep.

Lowell's diagnosed anxiety and depression have limited her happiness and productivity.Because of these crippling mental illnesses, she smokesmarijuana to cope withherconstant stress and sadness, but Baltierra isimpatient and concerned. If Lowell won't accept help and try to progress,their perfect fairytale might end in divorce, andNovalee wouldfrequent separate castles.Let's hope this king and queen can conquer the chaos.

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