The fall TV season has arrived with "Z Nation" being the popular viewing destination for Friday night once again. "Z Nation" returns to the Syfy Networktonight with their 2-hour premiere of season 3. Tonight's episode is titled "No Mercy"and asyou can see from the latest "Z-Nation" trailer below, all your favorite characters are returning to fight off zombies and get Murphy through the masses of "puppies and kittens" to save the world.

The writers of this show hit the jackpot with the perfect balance of drama, horror and comedy, making this a show that appeals to people of all ages. According to Earn the NecklaceNewsthe "Z Nation" premiere airs at 8 p.m.

EST tonight, but will settle into its permanent time slot of 9 p.m. starting next week.

Tools galore

Just when you think that "Z Nation" has topped itself with creative ways to fight zombies, a new zombie-fighting tool will appear. Check out one of the latest creations in the sneak preview below. You can just imagine what Doc, Warren, Addy and 10K will do with this new piece of technology!

Doc - the resident hippie!

It is great to see Doc still looking like a throw back to the 60's as his hippie-like ways and thinking have made for some of the most comical scenesever to grace the television screen. Who can forget the scene from season one with Doc sharing a joint with a zombie when they were stuck in an air-duct together.

It was the funniest scene ever done using the shot-gun technique!

More 'Z-Weed'

When Doc discovered the "Z-Weed," viewers were privy to more "Cheech and Chong"-like moments bringing the baby boomers back to their day! In the trailer there are so many quick shots of what you can expect in season 3, like the clump of zombies rolling down a hill together.

What is that about you ask? That's why they call it a teaser, so once you see it you'll be sure to tune in!

Zombie baby diaper stench!

Murphy is a side show all on his own with the antics he's concocted in the first two seasons.

His zombie baby had to be one of the most disturbing entities to come out of this show. The scene of Murphy changing his zombie baby's diaper gave the viewers the impression that the stench was like nothing they've come across before.

Some of the quick glimpses the viewers get to see from the trailer are Warren and the crew fighting zombies that don't look like the traditional zombies from the first two seasons. Although they did run into a group of super fast and somewhat intelligent zombies in their travels a while back, these zombies seem to be enticed by lasers.

Then of course there's Murphywho cannot only communicate with the zombies, but he has a knack for training them! Tune in tonight to see where Doc, Warren, Addy, 10K and the rest of the group end up as they go across the zombie laced nation, or "Z Nation."

Check out Murphy without his blue face..

not bad! You forget that he's only acting sometimes because he does such a good job at being Murphy!

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