Syfy’s “Z Nation” began its season 3 with a 2-hour premiere last Friday night and will continue to air during its regular Friday night time slot at 9 p.m. Syfy had already announced back in June that the fall season 3 would be preceded by a 2-hour television movie. As stated months ago, the movie’s setting takes place before the season 2 climax and was intended to introduce some central characters that would be appearing during the third season.

The plot of ‘Z Nation’

The story line of “Z Nation” begins three years after a virus-caused zombie apocalypse has killed most humans. Murphy, the only known human not to turn into a zombie after a zombie bite, is being transported by a group of extraordinary characters from New York to California in the hope that the world's last known functioning Centers for Disease Control research lab in California can come up with a cure against zombies.

Unfortunately, as viewers discover at the end of season 2, that hope for a cure is shattered when the team members transporting Murphy find out that the CDC research lab is actually located on a US Navy submarine – and that submarine ends up exploding.

Is 10K dead?

Some of the major recurring characters of Syfy’s zombie television show include Murphy, Lt. Roberta Warren, Addy Carver, Doc, and 10K. After 10K (played by Nat Zang) was on the exploding submarine during the season 2 finale, fans are concerned that 10K might not be returning in season 3.

As fans learned, 10K, who the all so wacky Dock often calls “The Kid,” is the youngest cast member of the group led by Lt. Roberta Warren. 10K’s real name is “Tommy,” as revealed during the show’s season 1 finale, and he is a quiet and observant character.

10K, who loves killing zombies and keeps count of how many he has annihilated, gave himself the nickname because his goal is to kill 10,000 zombies. Apparently, when 10K was forced to kill his own father, he promised him that he would stay strong and continue to fight.

According to IMDb, Nat Zang is playing the role of 10K throughout season 3 of “Z Nation” and remains on the list of cast members at least until season 3 episode 11 which is scheduled to air on November 18, 2016.

As to how 10K survived the submarine’s explosion, fans will have to stay tuned.

According to "Z Nation" s Twitter page, Nat Zang is also on the list of characters to follow.

House is reborn as Murphy

Besides 10K, fans of “Z Nation” are making it clear on social media that without Murphy, the show would not be worth watching.

Murphy, played by Keith Allan, is undoubtedly a fan favorite because of his “House” character like traits and appearance. Murphy, whose full name is given as Alvin Bernard Murphy, discovers during the first two seasons that he is not only immune to the ZN1 zombie virus but that he is also able to direct others with telepathy after biting them or exposing them to his saliva or blood.

‘Z Nation’ is about to getmore crazy

Syfy’s trailer for season 3 of “Z Nation” speaks for itself in regard to horror zombies, comedy, and amazing actors. In contrast to other zombie shows like “The Walking Dead” or “Fear the Walking Dead,” fans emphasize that this zombie show is funny and entertaining -- and definitely worth one’s time.

As Syfy describes the new season 3, “Things are about to get crazy-z.”

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