Fans of The Young and the Restless have been very sad over the departure of Justin Hartley and the supposed death of Adam Newman. While the character was supposedly killed in an explosion, viewers recently saw a teaser that left the door open to a twist where he is still alive. However, people are not happy about the idea of another return-from-the-dead twist for this Newman character, considering that is how Hartley was brought into the mix. Now actress Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Chelsea, is sharing a few Y&R spoiler tidbits.

WillYoung and Restless bring back Adam?

Melissa Claire Egan talked with Michael Fairman of On Air-On Soaps and she said that everybody with the show wishes Justin Hartley the best as he moves on to the new NBC show This Is Us. The actor initially said he'd simply be taking a break from Y&R, but he has since confirmed his full departure. While Egan cannot detail for certain where Young and Restless will head with the Adam situation going forward, she notes that she doesn't think they will go with another plastic surgery twist like they did to explain Hartley taking over for Michael Muhney.

In fact, not only does Egan say that she truly doesn't think the show will throw in another plastic surgery twist, she says she truly doesn't believe that Young and Restless will recast the role. She notes that she doesn't think there is a plan to recast Adam at this point, but she does admit that one never knows in the land of soap operas. Of course, there have been rumors swirling that perhaps either Muhney or soap vet Aiden Turner would step into the role, but that seems to be simply speculation at this point.

IsYoung and Restless planning on a Chelsea and Nick romance?

It has been rather obvious for a while now that Young and Restless is looking to push Nick and Chelsea together. Egan says that she loves Joshua Morrow, the actor who plays Nick. She notes that while the two characters are bonding, there is nothing more going on at this point. She notes that they are both grieving and the show is respecting the “Chadam” fan base.

However, she admits that there's a lot up in the air and things could change.

While the current storyline may be to have both Chelsea and Nick grieving with Adam gone, the door is obviously open at least a bit to his having survived the explosion considering the mysteriously gloved hand that recently put Adam's wedding ring into a drawer. SheKnows Soaps notes that a casting call for a new character named “Dean” sounds a lot like this particular Newman character, but so far nothing concrete indicates that Adam will be recast and brought back.

Do you think that The Young and the Restless needs to leave Adam Newman dead this time in the wake of Justin Hartley's departure?

Can you see Chelsea and Nick making a good couple as they work through their grief?

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