You’re the worst is a show that prides itself on covering aspects of being in a relationship that are seldom covered on mainstream television. True to form, the show opens with the sight of two broken and jaded individuals, letting each others guard down for once, and trying to actually become a bit more romantic in bed. The season premiere sets the tone for the rest of the series, showing us that this time around, we could possibly see Jimmy and Gretchen get closer than ever.

The baby is coming

Lindsay and Paul finally get back together at the end of last season after Paul realizes that Lindsay is pregnant with their baby.

The couple try to start fresh with their relationship, with Paul giving up all his hobbies in order to focus purely on Lindsay and their upcoming baby.Unfortunately for Paul, Lindsay has not undergone the transformation into an expecting parent, and is still focused on her life and happiness. She dislikes Paul’s surprise gift so much, that she ends the episode by gently stabbing her ex-husband in the stomach, much to his dismay!

Edgar balances his past and future

We see Edgar and Dorothy’s relationship blooming and the two building up chemistry as a couple, but Edgar has trouble performing sexually due to his new medication for PTSD.

He manages to bring up his problem with Dorothy, but being the lovable goofball that she is, Dorothy manages to make a bunch of inappropriate jokes on the matter.

She immediately feels bad about the way she handled Edgar’s issue, and apologizes to him, mentioning that she is fully committed to making their relationship work despite any problems they may encounter. Edgar is so touched by her commitment, that he finds the nearest bathroom and flushes his prescription down the drain.

Jimmy digs into Gretchen’s past

It takes very little to freak Jimmy out, which is why you can imagine that he must be extra unsettled after admitting to Gretchen in a drunken haze that he loves her. He tries to pass off the incident as a drunken mistake, but is immediately sucked into her life when he finds out that she doesn’t wash her legs in the shower.

Jimmy is shocked to find out this odd detail about Gretchen and is curious to know everything else he doesn’t know about her thus far.

He goes on to find out that she dated two Baldwins, competed in a national level show-jumping contest as a teenager, and that is a spiritual person.

It feels as if he is looking at Gretchen with a brand new set of eyes during this episode, as he is even mystified by the fact that a wild and unpredictable person like her actually has a job. He manages to see Gretchen in action during this episode as she tries to salvage a party for her client Sam by begging a church full of Spanish people to join the party after their sermon.

Jimmy appears impressed by Gretchen’s versatility and quick-wittedness, but confesses to her that he feels like he is living with a stranger who he trusts blindly.

Gretchen realizes that the only reason Jimmy is so curious all of a sudden is because he has finally begun to care about her.

When Jimmy tells her that he takes professing his love to someone very seriously, Gretchen offers the perfect response – “If saying I love you is like a promise, then it’s like a promise to try real hard; doesn’t mean you can’t fail!”The episode ends with the two sharing a sarcastic ‘I love you,' which is even better than a real one in the case of Gretchen and Jimmy.

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