Yash Chopra was one of the top producer-directorsof Hindi films in Bollywood with love as a central theme. he died when he was in his prime of dengue but has left behind an endearing image of a man who made romantic films that completely eschewed violence.

A film on love

One of the films to have hit the screen with love as its central theme is "Junooniat" which when translated into English means passion. The film stars two newcomers in Yani Samrat and Pulkit Samrat. The producer-director is Atul Agnihotri, who himself is not yet a big name in Bollywood.

The story line is simple and relates the love affair between a Punjabi girl and a captain of the Indian army. The entire movie is shot on a small budget and recreates the Punjabi atmosphere. The film has a happy ending with the lovers reunitedthrough the efforts of the man an NRI from Canada who was to marry the girl. It's a simple tale but well directed and to top it there are some lovely songs and sizzling dances by Yani Samrat. Most of these songs have become popularon the net and the FM radio plays them incessantly.

The film recreates the life in the army and can be a good advertisement for the youth to join the army.

Trouble with locals

Yani Samrat is lovely and can give the top heroines a run in sex appeal. The hero Pulkit Sharma is handsome, though a moremuscular hero may have been a shade better. The film has lovely locales in Kashmir and Amritsar. However, the unit while returning from a shoot in Kashmir was manhandled by studentswho were angry that some KashmiriMuslim girls were used in the dance sequences.

Despite protestations by the producer-director and other members of the unit that the Muslim girls had acted in the film of their own accord and made good money, did not pacify the agitators. The unit was rescued by the Police.

Lat word

The film is reasonably well made, though many critics have panned the film. One suspects that there is more to this criticismthan just professional approach.The film had a low budget and has recovered its cost.

Perhaps if bigger stars had been in thefilm, the box office returns would have been better. All in all, not a bad way to spend an afternoon watching the film. Lastly, don't read the reviews as they do not do justice to the film

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