Some breaking news over The Young and the Restless' character of Adam Newman reignited rumors that Actor Michael Muhney might step back into the original role. When Muhney was left the show abruptly in December 2014, revolt of sorts followed from his fans who even threatened to boycott the show if Y&R didn't bring him back.

Original Adam Newman returning to Y&R?

There's a possibility Muhney will reprise his role, according to various reports. The rumors intensified when Justin Hartley announced in an extensive Facebook post that he was leaving the CBS soap opera to appear in This is Us, a prime time drama premiering September 20 on NBC.

"After many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil storylines for all of you, the time has finally come that I’m able to write you this letter," Hartley wrote on Facebook late Friday. "Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note."

Hartley has brought a lot to the character of Adam Newman. The show waited a few years before recasting the character that Michael Muhney held from 2009 to 2014.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry cited CBS Soaps In-Depth in its report that a casting call has been issued for the role of "Dean." This could be interpreted as a character mirroring Adam.

The studio described the character as being a Caucasian man in his mid-30s from a rich family who's experienced with greed but wants to rail against it.

Since changes regarding executives behind-the-scenes at The Young and the Restless have taken place since Muhney's questionable departure, fans wonder if this will be a fresh start for the actor. He hasn't been afraid to voice his views about studio higher-ups and how politics play the biggest roles for actors and actresses.

Will Muhney even be interested if offered role?

Justin Hartley will likely see success on his new prime time television project. He previously appeared on ABC's Revenge and Mistresses. The actor has long expressed that he wants to take on more prime time scripts.

Will Michael Muhney get his role back as Adam Newman on Y&R? Is he even interested at this point? There was some hard feelings between the actor and show-runners when he left, but fans won't give up hope.

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