Since its launch a few days ago, World of Warcraft: Legion is proving to be a success among the community of players of the franchise, surpassing all expectations of Blizzard. Such has been the interest in the new expansion that a user group has already discovered a secret which had been hidden for a long time.

The new discovery

This is a new boss calledKosumoth, which only appears when the users make some kind of actions in a certain order, something that a little group of players, who love this gameplay, have managed to make in a short and amazing time.

According to the source, which revealed this new information in the social networks, everything started from an item, which was forgotten in the past, and that has been part of the game files for years but has not been available until now.

Recent theories about this new discovery

According to theories filtered recently in social networks, these users had been working together for a long time in the search for new tools to improve and develop the game. They decided to embark on a search for hidden caves in different places.

According to what was said by the source, after a long search in a huge Abrupt Coast in the ocean, there, these curious players discovered some similar dark orbs that had previously been seen withDrak’Thul. According to the new information revealed on social networks and other media, this fact immediately caught their attention, so they found out through a map an island called Broken Isles. It was onthis unknown island that they managed to capture the location of all orbs, and after they clicked on one of the menu options, began revealing the language of the ancient gods.

This was the way they unlocked the new secret boss, which until then was unknown to all the players of this amazing, and exciting video game.

Additional information

It is good to note that these intrepid users were able to accomplish this feat to bring up this new character named Kosumoth. An important detail is that another anonymous source said that Blizzard has hidden more surprises like this in Legion.

However, this information has not been confirmed yet.


Below is a video to prove this information, together with some theories in which you can see many massive leaks so that you can clear your doubts generated around this new discovery.

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