According to Deadline Hollywood, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are set to collaborate with each other for Sony Pictures’ Holmes and Watson. The two actors have previously worked together in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights. These movies were a success and they were said to be looking for an opportunity to work together again. Ferrell will play Holmes while Reilly will play his loyal partner, Watson.

Why does studio aim to begin production of 'Holmes and Watson' by casting Ferell and John C.Reilly?

The film, which will be directed by Ethan Cohen, uses a script inspired from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes tale. The script has also been written by Cohen. The film will be a PG-13 comedy with lots of humor. The studio originally planned to do the movie with Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen, who was also a co-star in Talladega Nights but this project was delayed. However, in the past few weeks, the project has quickly restarted under production president Sanford Panitch and Chief Tom Rothman.

Reportedly, the studio aims to begin production after Thanksgiving.

Who will be in production team?

The film will be produced by Mosaic Entertainment and Gary Sanchez. Ethan Cohen recently made his directorial debut with the film Get Hard, starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. They are also working together on Adam McKay’s border-patrol comedy, Border Guards.

This film is not the only Sherlock Holmes project currently due production, there is Guy-Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes franchise starring Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law, which may soon be getting a third movie.

Also, there is the CBS series Elementary with John Lee Miller and the Benedict Cumberbatch series Sherlock. These projects have made the characters in the Sherlock Holmes series well-known and Holmes and Watsonwill look to capitalize on this by providing a more comic outlook on these characters. Its two stars who have repeatedly made great comedy hits together.

Ferrell recently starred in Daddy’s Home, which grossed $240 million worldwide, while Reilly will appear in ‘Kong: Skull Island’.

Cohen’s writing credits include Madagascar: Escape 2 Africaand Men in Black III. With this crew, and their pleasant history together, Holmes and Watson will certainly be an interesting movie to watch.

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