Oliver Stone’s latest movie, “Snowden,” about the NSA analyst and traitor Edward Snowden, is not doing very well at the box office, opening far below more entertaining and uplifting fare such as “Sully.” A piece in the National Review, which deconstructs his image as a public-spirited whistleblower and suggests that he damaged national security by handing over secrets to Russia would suggest why. Most filmgoers get it and do not care to watch Movies about creeps.

Stone has won a lot of fame and wealth directing left wing films such as his anti-Vietnam war epics “Platoon” and “Born on the 4th of July” and his conspiracy nut projects such as “JFK” and “Nixon.” But his body of work has not worn well into the 21st Century.

Stone’s one great recent film, “World Trade Center,” was a non-political tribute to first responders who rushed into the twin towers to save people during the 9/11 attacks.

By all accounts, “Snowden” is also a pretty dull movie, described as a Jason Bourne thriller without the gun fights, car chases, or Matt Damon’s beefcake intensity. The movie might have been a nuanced meditation on the tension between security and freedom in the modern surveillance state. Instead, it was a screed attempting to elevate a sordid character into a hero which seems to have failed miserably.

Oliver Stone is a filmmaker with undeniable talent, albeit producing work in the service of hating his country. One could just imagine what his body of work would have been like had he not become disillusioned by his experiences in Vietnam. But imagining that is to wonder what Hillary Clinton would have been like had she stayed a Goldwater girl and had married someone who respected and loved her.

The truth is that the American film-going public has been beaten down by 15 years of war and eight years of Obama and therefore are not going to see overly dark, depressing movies that tell them how rotten their country is.

They preferred to see films like “Sully” that depicts real, decent heroes. Hollywood, you have just been served notice.

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