It’s a tough job, waiting for the next season of Doctor Who, especially when you don’t have a TARDIS to fast forward to the future. And it’s another four months since the customary Christmas special that is supposed to guarantee some form of relief. And worst of all, we don’t even know anything about the Yuletide episode, especially the identity of the Doctor’s new companion.

So who's the next companion?

Here’s a list of likely candidates, based on official tweets, slips and Internet speculation.


Pearl Mackie’s Bill: Pearl Mackie is supposed to be the Doctor’s newest companion, making her debut on the first episode of season 10, a fact confirmed by Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat but there’s always a possibility of ‘wobbly-wobbly timey-wimey’ stuff happening as in the case of River Song or even Jenna Coleman’s Clara who appeared as a different incarnation of the same character long before her official debut. Or, Mackie could even have a cameo like Matt Smith did in series 8.

2.John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness:

We last saw him, when we said goodbye to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor although the internet is awash with rumors speculating his return. Moreover, given that it’s Moffat’s last year of writing Doctor Who, it would make sense to feature everyone’s favorite omnisexual, given that Moffat is known to revisit his characters, as he did with River Song, last Christmas.

Barrowman also has been seen spending an unusual lot of time in Cardiff( the place of Doctor Who filming) and has reportedly told his fans to ‘keep watching.'

3. Maise Williams’ Ashildr/Me:

Another immortal who was introduced in the last season, and who presents plenty of potential, there’s a high chance as Williams’ character might appear as a one-off companion, given the Doctor’s entangled timeline and Me’s immortality.

4. Matt Lucas’ Nardole:

It has been confirmed that Lucas’ character who was the perfect comic relieflast Christmas is returning for season 10. So, maybe we’ll get a sneak-peak of his newest machinations way before Easter?

5. Michelle Gomez’ Missy:

Another character with an unfinished story, Michelle Gomez’s return will not only offer some sizzling chemistry with the Doctor but also serve as a plot point to bring back the good old’ Daleks for some holiday fun.

Of course, there’s a chance that the new companion instead of being someone we’ve seen before may be someone completely new (Kylie Minogue guest starred with Tennant), or it could be a companion-less episode.

After last year’s incredible and Doctor-only ‘Heaven Sent’, it is quite clear that Capaldi can carry an episode completely on his own to great acclaim.

So what do you think will happen this Christmas?

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