James Hinchcliffe is generating a lot of buzz already on Season 23 of Dancing With The Stars.” He is partnered with Sharna Burgess this fall and some “DWTS” fans wonder if this union could finally bring about a win for this dance pro. What do viewers need to know about this contestant?

What's the scoop on 'DWTS' contender James Hinchcliffe?

As IndyStar notes, James Hinchcliffe is an IndyCar Series driver who readily admits that dancing is very much outside of his comfort zone. This new “Dancing With the Stars” contestant is competitive, though, and he is not the first racecar driver to tackle “DWTS.” In fact, if history is any indicator, James and Sharna could be serious contenders this fall, as previous IndyCar Series driver Helio Castroneves won during his season when he was partnered with Julianne Hough.

Hinchcliffe shares that he decided to tackle “DWTS” in part because of what he went through after a serious accident last year. James says that surviving that harrowing accident gave him a newfound confidence and he has decided to embrace opportunities as they present themselves. This “Dancing With the Stars” contender is originally from Canada and he debuted as an IndyCar Series racer in 2011.

Is 'DWTS' contender James Hinchcliffe dating anyone?

Could a romance brew between Sharna and James? “Dancing With the Stars” fans may hope for that to happen as the pair heats up the dance floor, but Hinchcliffe is in a serious relationship with actress Rebecca “Becky” Dalton.

As the New York Post notes, the two first met in high school in an acting class and they even attended his prom together. However, they went their separate ways and didn't see one another for 12 years. They would check in with one another once in a while, and after she sent him a Facebook message after his accident to check in with him they reconnected and became a romantic couple.

Could James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess win the Season 23 mirror-ball trophy this fall?

“Dancing With the Stars” fans definitely like what they see from these two already, but it will be a tough competition this fall on “DWTS” with the likes of Ryan Lochte and Laurie Hernandez in the mix. However, there are plenty of “Team Stop and Go” supporters who think that James and Sharna just might have what it takes to come out on top.

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