After one episode of NCIS one thing is certain: Fez is not in the house. The twitishpere is still hedging its bets on whether Special Agent Nick Torres will fit in with the team, but Wilmer Valderrama is now an adult actor. He is one of the new cast members on NCIS. Valderrama plays a deep undercover agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs thinks needs a team. Jennifer Esposito joins the cast as special agent Alex Quinn. She is a former trainer who needs/wants to get back to being a field agent.

Torres needs room.

Many fans see Walderrama taking the role of very special agent Tony DiNozzo. If agent Torres’ character is to blossom, writers would do well to limit any similarities between the characters Tony DiNozzo and Torres.

Writers have already failed this by involving Torres in a love triangle with a criminal mastermind similar to the Jeanne Benoit affair in season 4. Torres needs to be his own man, with his own challenges and overcome them if he is to add to the flavor of NCIS and win Michael Weatherly fans. The court is out.

Esposito is a hit.

The initial reaction to Esposito, an attractive, middle aged New Yorker, taking a new role has been generally favorable. She is not burdened as being seen as replacing someone so there is plenty of room for character development.

The actor Esposito has experience playing a cop on Blue Bloods so that part of the role is nothing new to her. She too has some critics, but most comments have been favorable.

Tess is not coming back.

The female version of Gibbs, FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe (Sarah Clarke) who had transferred to D.C.

from New York City late last season to team with the NCIS crew, will not be back.Like Gibbs, she was a multiple divorcée with no kids so she views her fellow agents as family. However,MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) is. He appeared at the end of season 13. He will rejoin the team in episode five and will be on loan from MI-6.

FBI Special Agent TC Fornell (Joe Spano) returns in a new role. He is convalescingfrom the Cort attack at Gibb's home.

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