When the Bough Breaks is a psychological thriller movie with a predominantly African-American cast starring Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall. The 107-minute film was released in 2,246 theaters on September 9, 2016. The thriller was projected to gross between $10 and $12 million in its opening weekend.With so many Movies on television with similar plots, viewers are wondering how When the Bough Breaks made it into theaters. There is almost nothing unpredictable about the story. One critic calls the film trash, enjoyabletrash, but trash nonetheless.

About the movie

The plot of the movie is not a new one. There have been other movies with similar plots on Lifetime. While the plot is not new, the movie doesn't lack appeal. John and Laura Taylor, played by Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall, are a young married and professional couple. They have so much going for them except one thing. They desperately want a baby. Laura had experienced three miscarriages. There was only one option left. They hired a surrogate. Anna, played by Jaz Sinclair, seemed to have been the perfect surrogate at first.

Then the Taylors discovered Anna wasn't all they thought her to be. The pregnancy was going well, but Anna wanted more than being a surrogate. She also wanted the father of the baby. In her sick mind, she believed it was possible. The couple got more than they had bargained for when Anna began playing dangerous games with their lives and the life of their baby.

About the cast

The only thing different about this movie that sets it off from similar movies is the cast.

Seeing Morris Chestnut on the big screen for much of the movie is worth the price of the movie. Then when you add in Regina Hall, that's worth the price of the movie and popcorn.Morris Chestnut, who has the starring role of pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood in the Foxtelevision series, Rosewood, is an attorney in this film. One would think his professional instincts would have kicked in when meeting Anna Wash, the 21-year-old waitress, played by newcomerJaz Sinclair.

Regina Hall, who plays the wife, shines in this movie as she does with all her performances.

Why do you think writers used a plot so similar to other movies? How do you think the film made it into theaters? It seems more like a movie made for television. Do you plan to see When the Bough Breaks?

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