We often hear people say that life gives you a second chance. But is that statement true of a relationship? Does a relationship give you a second chance in life? Yes, it does and the best example is the recent patch up between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cirus. The couple was seen together in Australia celebrating the beginning of 2016. Hemsworth'sfans and family have also been seen tagging along. After a hurtful relationship split between the two, what changed Hemsworth’s mind to reignite the relationship with Miley Cirus?

Miley regrew her hair

The two Celebrities started having issues with each other in 2012 when Miley Cirushad all her hair chopped off.

Recently, her hair has grown long enough to be tied into a knot. There is a possibility that Miley no longer attracted Hemsworth with her bald head.

Miley with Hemsworth's family

During New Year’s celebration in Australia, she bonded well with his family members. She attended a costume party with his elder brother, Chris Hemsworth. Later, she was spotted enjoying herself with Chris’ wife Elsa Patakay at Byron Bay Musical Festival. They even enjoyed shopping together to buy the outfits for the festival.

Miley used to be an attention freak. Now she is running out of ways to grab the attention of others, she has accepted herself for who she is. Hemsworth does not like too much attention and with Mileysettling down, it is more appealing to him.

They have more time to spend together

A relationship demands attention and both the celebrities seldom had time for each other in the past. But now their schedule is not very hectic. Hemsworth’s schedule is very flexible now and he can easily consider committing himself to a serious relationship. In similar way, Miley also does not have any albums to promote.

Since both of them are stress-free now, they can enjoy having a very good relationship together.

Every relationship goes through a roller coaster ride. The key to keep it intact is to have patience and give your partner breathing space. Consistent communication is important and every time a misunderstanding takes place, it has to be resolved promptly before it grows into a large snowball.

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