Jax Taylor is pleading the 5th when it comes to the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. Although the reality star often receives questions about the upcoming premiere of the popular reality series on Bravo TV, Taylor iskeeping his lips sealed in regard to both the premiere date and the forthcoming story lines of the show.

On September 7, a fan asked him to break news ofwhen Vanderpump Rules would return.

In response, Taylor told the woman that he isunaware of the premiere date -- as isthe rest of the cast. "We don't know you have to check out[Bravo TV's official website].Trust me if I knew I would tell everyone," he explained.

Around the same time, another fan asked Jax Taylor if he had a SnapChat account and said that they would like to follow his username for hints at the upcoming season. Still, Taylor wasn't giving anything up and told the fan that he didn't have a SnapChat account -- and hinted that he wouldn't be getting one. "Exactly the reason I don't have it, it ruins it for people," he said of SnapChat spoilers.

"Ruins a lot if reality shows if you ask me."

Jax Taylor's love life is expected to continue to be a story line during season five

While Jax Taylor isn't giving up any season five spoilers, it is safe to say that his relationship with Brittany Cartwright will be featured when the show returns. During season four, Taylor began dating Cartwright and eventually moved her into his West Hollywood apartment after she relocated to Los Angeles from her hometown in Kentucky.

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright went through a rocky patch in their relationship during season four

After moving in together last year, Taylor and his girlfriend began to face relationship troubles due to their tiny living space. At one point during the season, Taylor appeared to be questioning the romance and even said that he'd prefer to stay in Hawaii alone, rather than return home to their apartment.Eventually, Jax Taylor and his girlfriend relocated to a different apartment and currently, they appear to be going strong.

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