With the premiere of "Supernatural's" 12th season looming, there are many fans out there unsure of what to expect this season. Sam and Dean Winchester have conquered demons, monsters, and even Lucifer himself. They stopped the apocalypse from happening and most recently stopped God's sister, Amara, from destroying the world's light. So fans are undoubtedly asking, what is next for the Winchester duo? Here is what we can expect from this season so far:

The Return of Mary Winchester

In the last season after Dean stopped Amara from destroying earth, with a little help from God, she decided to give a gift to Dean, his mother.

Mary has been gone for years and now it's Dean's job to catch her up to everything, but will she go back to her old hunting ways? From the recent trailer it seems that she may be going in for one last hunt and that's getting Sam back!

Where was Sam taken and why?

We know so far that it was a member of the Men of Letters who kidnapped Sam, but why? It could be that because of Sam and Dean wrecking havoc from killing Death himself to almost having Amara take the light out of the world. Whatever the reason may be the Men of Letters want the Winchesters stopped at whatever cost!

Where have the Men of Letters been?

The last the viewers saw from them is that they were viciously slain by Abaddon. It seemed that Sam and Dean were the last of them, or so we thought. It seems the organization has been watching the Winchesters, but why haven't they confronted them before? Maybe the Men think low of the Winchesters because of their reputation as hunters and not researchers like they are.

Where have God and Amara gone?

Now that God and Amara have reconciled, the world is back to normal or as normal as "Supernatural" can get. God may go back to heaven and restore everything, but will the angels accept his return after leaving them for so long with no authority to help keep heaven in control? As for Amara, we know she's never felt like she has had a place of her own, maybe it's time for her brother to give her a place she can call home.

Lastly, where is Lucifer?

Although we know Amara has casted Lucifer from Castiel's vessel it doesn't mean he's completely gone. From the recent trailer we see that Castiel is taking it upon himself to find Lucifer to keep the world safe, since this is Lucifer we're talking about. The last time he was set free on the world he nearly caused the apocalypse!

While these may be just a few things to look forward to this season, the people behind the show are sure to surprise their viewers!

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