Wendy Williams is a woman of contradictions. When all the rage in celebrity weight loss is on cutting carbs or eliminating fat, sugar or meat, The "Wendy Williams Show"host lost 30 pounds eating everything. The wonderful Ms. W continues to stun as she maintains a trim belly without losing her impressive cleavage. Breasts are typically the first to go in dieting, not the tummy: so how did Wendy lose weight and keep the boobs? Think plastic surgery. The weight loss rebel shared other secrets to simple body makeover.

Wendy Williams wow-worthy weight loss, decolletage.

Williams said when she got boob implants that breast augmentation is cool but not to let your breasts define you. But ironically that's just how she's known. When you see Williams that first things that leap out--literally--are her massive mammary glands. Now, when a woman sheds a lot of pounds, the first places it shows is in chest, face and hands. It's not in the so-tiny tummy flaunted by gals like Mariah Carey and Wendy Williams. This leads doctors to doubt diet and suggest plastic surgery for this transformation.

Cosmetic surgeons said Mariah looks like she's had coolsculpting (fat-freezing) or tummy tuck with liposuction because her bosom remains bountifully buxom. But that points to further plastic surgery in breast implants which remain firmly in place after lost pounds.Williams admits to hers, while Mariah doesn't, but science will out find out.

Contradictions but also common sense in Wendy's diet plan.

Williams says she eats everything and still lost weight.

She subscribes to the portion control method of diet. But she then says thatcheese was cut fromher diet. She explains that craving cheese so much meant she basically had to give it up. But in other areas, moderation and food swaps work great. She switched to kale chips from potato chips and other salty snacks. She uses mustard instead of fatty mayonnaise on her sandwiches (a trick learned from her mom).

Wendy chooses tuna packed in water over oil to save about 50 calories per serving. And Williams drinks a lot of water. She's not going nuts on the weight loss and should to hold at 175 pounds despite the fact that she's still technically "obese." Beating obesitywith simple common sense--Wendy's got this one.

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