We are heading into the end of this second week of the Fall season. Lots of TV shows have started, some had great results, others disappointing outings. Let's recap these last days of September with all the recent TV ratings and have a look at the previews of next week's episodes.

ABC: disappointing returns overall

It's clearly not the year of ABC. Only "Designated Survivor" has shined so far, the rest of the returning shows have registered disappointing or lower results. "Once Upon a Time" returned with a mere 1.3 in 18/49 and 3.99 millions viewers, "Quantico" and "Secret and Lies" had just a 1.0 and 4 millions.

"Once Upon a Time"'s season six premiere was a great start. Agrabah is an interesting new land, Aladdin is convincing and the Evil Queen is getting things juicier. Have a look at "Once Upon a Time" 6x02 promo:

NBC continues to shine

After the solid openings of "The Good Place" and "This Is Us", NBC continues to deliver great results. The family drama was just 2 tenths off from the first episode with a great 2.6 after "The Voice". The show has also just received a full season order that will consist of 18 episodes. Were you surprised by the unexpected "grandpa and grandma's" ending? We can't wait to find out why Jack isn't present in the 2016 storyline. The show is still intriguing and emotional at the same time.

Have a look at "This Is Us" 1x03 promo:

CBS's Bull and Kevin can Wait are winning the ratings race

"Bull" returned on Tuesday, with a positive 1.9 in the 18/49. "Kevin can Wait" increased its audience on Monday. It raised to a 2.7 and millions after "The Big Bang Theory" that delivered a solid 3.6 and 14.54 millions.

CBS must be pleased that their TV shows are almost stable from last season and their new one are doing positive results. It's still the network where every procedural can work. Have a look at "The Big Bang Theory" 10x03 promo:

FOX is in trouble

Fox is in deep trouble. Only "Empire" is saving the network, the rest of their TV shows are sinking.

"Scream Queens" (0.7), "New Girl" (1.0) "Brooklyn 9-9" (1.0) and "Last Man on Earth" (0.9) had a second and a first weaker week. "Gotham" was just off a tenth and obtained a 1.2 and 3.54 millions. "Lucifer" didn't air because of the Presidential Election debate. The second outingof "Empire"'s third season wasn't that bad: it has gained a 3.7, just a 10% off. Andre just can't catch a break. Have a look at the emotional 3x03 trailer:

These are the latest news on this week's TV results. The CW is still not part of the picture: all their TV series will start in October, so we'll have to wait. Don't miss the follow-up article with all the updates about TV ratings, spoilers and previews of this Fall season.

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