It has been 20 years since Tupac Shakur became a victim of the gang violence that defined Hip-Hop music in his era. A lot has changed since that point of time including the genre itself, but what has remained consistent is the love and adulation for the rapper and his music. We will finally see his story told on the grandest stage of them all, and the first look of the film All eyez on me is encouraging to ardent fans of the artist.

A story as bold as time

Demetrius Shipp Jr has been cast as the legendary 2Pac in All eyez on me, and the actor certainly looks the part in the trailer.

The clip highlights the conflict and controversy that surrounded 2Pac for the bulk of his short, but illustrious career, and attempts to dive into the mind of the artist. We see his mother foreshadow the many enticing elements that accompany fame, warning him of a life that will consume him if he isn’t careful. 2Pac however fights the tag of becoming a ‘black leader’, and believes that violence can only be subdued by violence enforced by the right hands.

As the conflict and madness begins to swirl in a frenzy of smoke and strippers, the rivalry between 2Pac and Biggie takes center stage, leaving the music and the glamor in the background.

Two industry giants conduct an all-out assault on one another, and neither of them realize the eventuality of their own actions.

Keeping the legacy

Straight outta Compton managed to break the threshold of Hip-Hop-driven films and tell us the fascinating story of the formation of NWA. The rise of the genre was deeply rooted in the unrest within the African- American community in America, and their need to express themselves created a powerful force of lyrics and harmony.

2Pac took that legacy to the next level by becoming a genre-defining artist who played by his own rules, even if it meant that it could cost him his own life. He was unafraid to speak his mind on the mic, and tell off competition and establishments alike. His philosophy and flair remains unmatched to this day, and it will be an incredible experience to watch his story unfold on the big screen at last.

The film is set to release on November 11, 2016, and you can check out its fascinating trailer below.

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