It is truly a good year for fans of Matt Leblanc. The star has already gotten to play out all the fantasies running through his petrol-head while hosting the massively successful BBC automobile show Top Gear. Now he is going to venture back to the familiar territory of sitcoms by taking on the lead of a new CBS show titled Man with a plan. You can watch the first look of the series below.

Dad under fire

The plot seems fairly straight-forward and to-the-point in the show (as is the case with most sitcoms).

Matt Lablanc will be playing Andi, a man who is coming to terms with being a stay-at-home dad for the first time in his life. He will have to endure the challenges of handling the manic lives of his children and maintain a household that he once took for granted.

The role of his wife was played by Jenna Fisher in the pilot and in the video above, but the part has since been recast with Liza Snyder. It is the case of swapping one industry veteran for another, as Jenna Fisher was a part of NBC's The Office for almost a decade, and Liza Snyder enjoyed her stint on Yes Dear for six years.

According to CBS, the swap only occurred because of chemistry issues between the two lead actors.

This firmly places the burden of success on Matt Leblanc who will be the heart and soul of the show. It is clear from the first look itself that the actor will be featured in the bulk of the scenes, and all the humor and dialogues have been created based on Leblanc’s unique delivery style.

Sitcoms need a win

Not only are fans of Leblanc rooting for the success of this show, but those who enjoy sitcoms genuinely deserve a win at this point as well. The last two years have been terrible for the format, with only a handful of hits finding their way through a series of cancellations. Leblanc’s Friends co-star Matthew Perry knows this better than most people, having been a part of multiple shows that were cancelled in the first season itself.

Leblanc on the other hand has a certified hit under his belt at the moment with Showtime’s Episodes garnering some solid critical appeal. Coming back to the sitcom world and nailing a quality show will not only be great for Leblanc, but it will almost even be a full circle for the actors career.

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