Angelina Jolie Pitt, 41, was driving along in a white Cadillac with her daughter, Shiloh,10, recently in Toluca Lake, California, when she spotted two brothers on the side of the road, trying to sell a huge teddy bear. According to a report by TMZ, Angie just couldn’t resist the twin boys’ sales patter and paid more than double for the massive plush toy.

Angelina makes a surprise purchase

As reported by People, while the 8-year-old twin boys, Allen and Brandon, were attempting to get traffic to stop for their roadside sale, their father, Tim Alexander, caught the whole thing on video.

This included the boys’ amazing sales pitch, asking passersby to please, buy something. What he never expected to happen was that after an hour of not being able to move the giant teddy, a huge Hollywood star would stop and snap up the bargain.

Turns out Jolie Pitt, star of Kung Fu Panda and Malificent, and of course, wife of Brad Pitt, couldn’t resist the cute and enormously cuddly toy. On stopping next to the sales stand, Angelina made the probably unnecessary introduction, saying this is Shiloh and “I’m Angie,” and telling the boys it was nice to meet them.

It turns out Angie was also impressed with the boys’ sales pitch, as she tells them in the video, “You’re very good at doing your job, sweetie.” She went on to chat a little with the boys, asking one of them what his favorite animal was. What made the whole thing even better was the fact that Jolie Pitt gave each of the boys $50, despite the fact they were only asking $40 for the teddy bear.

Thanks Angelina - even celebrities can be nice people

Of course, as can also be seen on the video, the guys from TMZ couldn’t help themselves and joked that Angelina adopted the two boys, but seriously, she did only take the bear. The next step was the problem of getting the 8-foot plush toy into the trunk of Angelina’s Cadillac, but eventually, they were successful.

Before driving off, Angie made the effort to tell the boys that they are “so cool,” repeating that it was nice to meet them. Just goes to show that fame hasn’t gone to Angelina Jolie Pitt’s head and that, besides being a celebrity, she is a really nice person too. According to TMZ their dad told them that Allen and Brandon had no idea who Angelina wasuntil he made a reference to Kung Fu Panda after the sale.

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