The Clairvoyants have been nothing short of spectacular in every single performance on 'America's Got Talent.' At this point, it's kind of hard to believe that the dynamic duo do not have some sort of psychic powers. Their tricks get more absurd with every subsequent performance! How can they possibly deliver consistent results like these every single time? Tonight, they pulled off a trick that flummoxed the entire 'America's Got Talent' audience.

Tonight's America's Got Talentperformance.

If you didn't get a chance to watch the amazing action, the video is posted below.

The Clairvoyants just keep delivering incredible performances every single time. It's hard to believe that the duo don't actually have some sort of psychic powers. After the clock trick, it certainly looked like Simon Cowell believed in the magic performed by the act. The end was even more ridiculous as the act predicted that Mel B would think of her grandmother. Are you kidding? How is this even possible? I really want to see more of this act and America will likely want to see the duo in the finals.

First audition

The Clairvoyants opened up their first audition with a bang, pulling off a mental trick that was completely inexplicable.

The judges were immediately impressed with the very first trick pulled off by the magical duo. They even used the audience to further enhance the completely ridiculous trick. Howie Mandel proclaimed that the trick was "the best thing he had ever seen" afterwards. This audition would set the tone for their future performances on the show.

Later auditions

The first audition wasn't the only impressive one. All of their future acts on 'America's Got Talent' took things to another level. And the group easily made it through with a Vegas themed act that confused everybody.

Somehow she managed to get the serial number on a bill. How? There are so many combinations and I still don't know how they could have pulled this ridiculous feat off.

And then The Clairvoyants managed to top that performance with one equally as impressive in the quarterfinals! Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet.

The ingenious trick involved something as small as jelly beans. Somehow the Clairvoyants managed to predict every single action of every judge. And they put all their correct predictions on a board before the trick even started! If that's not awesome, I don't know what is. Maybe the fact that 'America's Got Talent' has more magicians than ever in the final round has something to do with this.

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