Steven Brundage has confused all of America by using a couple of Rubik's cubes in all his magic tricks. The small little boxes have done enough to get him to the semifinals and could be enough to get him all the way to the finals. And after this performance, who knows? Maybe Brundage will actually win the entire 'America's Got Talent' show and take home the one million dollar prize.

Tonight's amazing performance.

Steven Brundage put on a show that impressed both the judges and the audience at home.

Haven't seen it yet? Check out the video posted below for a closer look.

Even his first trick is amazing! How does he solve the cube so quickly like that? It's completely absurd! And the act only got better from there when Nick Cannon pulled out a random card from a list of Celebrities. How could a bunch of Rubik's cubes possibly from the face of Brad Pitt? It's totally inexplicable, just like all of his other tricks on 'America's Got Talent.'

Prior performances.

Brundage opened up his career on 'America's Got Talent' with a bang.

The magician was somehow able to match the pattern of his Rubik's cube with one that had been randomly mixed up by judge Simon Cowell. Sounds impossible, right? Here is the video evidence of the ridiculous trick that Brundage managed to pull off.

It would have been pretty hard for him to top that audition. And in the judge cuts, Brundage failed to impress enough to move further into the competition.

But the judges were nice enough to bring him back in a wild card edition and they were glad they did. This time, Brundage used a giant Rubik's cube to more effectively get his point across.

How is that even possible? Some of these magicians on 'America's Got Talent' have me believing in supernatural powers! People like Jon Dorenbos are pulling off tricks that shouldn't be occurring and I'm not sure I can believe what my eyes are telling me anymore.

But he's not the only one! The Clairvoyants are standing up on stage and reading minds, also scaring the pants off me.


The competition on 'America's Got Talent' is stiffer than ever this season and Steven Brundage will need all of America's support to make it into the next round. For now, Brundage will let his amazing trick stand on its own and hope that America deems it as impressive as I do.

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